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Rutilio Prado was in the field and ate a peyote and saw many bizarre things that scared me a lot because there were colors and figures that spoke to me, but you delivered me from this bad trip.

San Luis Potosi, 1962

To the Virgin of Guadalupe I give thanks for saving me of staying in a trip.

Jimy Farrera

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Gonzalo Rodriguez, a.k.a. Vampire, used to take too much ecstasy. One day he was listening rock, and the devil appears to him during his trip and began to lick his feet threatening to eat him up. Gonzalo thanks Saint Michael the Archangel who helped him to get out of his hallucination and promises not to take drugs anymore.

Carlos Alonso was completely lost in the drugs. One day he had a hallucination with a devil biting his arm. He thanks Saint Michael for this experience and promises to go to rehab.