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Refugio Amezcua found himself in a serious danger when Evaristo Aguilar dragged him because of the borderland argument. He entrusted himself to Saint Christopher, and the rope broke, and he got free and safe. He brings this small retablo giving thanks.

Chanenetla, 1925

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Señor Isidro thanks the Virgin of San Juan for helping him save his horse the Favorite from dying drowning when he came closer to the water to drink and fell into the river. Isidro asks you to give his hose health so he could keep on working on his lands so that his family would stay well and wouldn’t lack anything,

Villa del Carbon, August 27, 1996

In 2018 James Eddy joined the circus as a funambulist. Funambulism is the skill of maintaining balance while walking along a tensioned wire between two anchored points. In order to perfect his skill James began to practice his high wire act atop craggy mountain tops blanketed in snow and shimmering blue ice. One morning he was as high as a kite when ice crystals suddenly formed on his wire causing him to lose his footing and descend into a deep canyon terminating into a fiery pit near the center of the earth. James was badly hurt and hardly able to walk on his own for more than a year. His situation became dire and he knew he was in too deep so he petitioned San Mateo Gonzalez, Esq. for assistance. Mateo summoned two of his search and rescue apostles, W. Leigh and M. Hinckley, and the team sprang into action. They crossed over the blue ice fields and scaled the craggy mountain peaks before calling out to James and throwing him a life-line. James was dazed and confused but he grabbed onto the rope and began his slow ascent out of the black hole and towards the light at the end of the deep tunnel. This retablo was offered in commemoration of his miracle.

San Francisco, California. 2020

In times of the Revolution I was unlucky to run into bandits who weren’t satisfied by taking my horse and my belongings but also decided to hang me on a tree. I wholeheartedly entrusted myself to the Virgin of San Juan, and when they left leaving me hanging there the rope miraculously broke down saving my life.

Leandro Garcia ~ San Luis Potosi, Mexico

When Serafin Gonzalez was playing an archangel in the Nativity play in the church, and the rope that held him broke down and he fell hitting his head. His mother, doña Clara, thanks the Holy Virgin of Zapopan for her son didn’t kill himself.

My son Jose was playing an angel in a school play, and his rope broke down. He fell down, hit his head and lost his conscience. When he woke up he decided he was really an angel. I payed to the Virgin of Zapopan so that my son came back to his senses. Three days later, the Virgin worked a miracle and Jose got his memory back. I thank the Virgin because otherwise his behavior was very dangerous while he was being an angel—he was constantly trying to fly off the roof.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, thank you for your favors. My bull broke the rope and went away. I was looking for him. When I finally found him grazing and tried to lasso him, he attacked me with his horn. Then my father came—he knew I went for our stud bull. Thank to my father and Saint Thomas the bull didn’t kill me.

Grecian Garcia
Tlaxcala, Mexico, 1969

Antonio Garcia worked on a skyscraper and was knocked down by a strong wind. He thanks Saint Elias with this retablo because the safety rope saved him from certain death.

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The window cleaner Juventino Ruiz found himself in serious danger when the rope that held him started to break. He prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and saved him from danger. He brings this retablo in gratitude.

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