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I thank the Holy Heart for such a great good deed. I was on a trip to the Skull island in the Pacific looking for new species. There we caught an incredible huge ape called King Kong. We took him to New York to show to the people but he escaped leaving deaths and destruction. He grabbed me, without hurting me, and took me with him to the top of the highest skyscraper in the city. He was shot down, and my life was saved.

New York, 1934

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1998, German terrorists attacked the skyscraper where my ex-wife worked. I give thanks to Saint Golotea who gave me courage and strength to secretly infiltrate into, to kill 13 scroungers and save the Nakatomi plaza.

Antonio Garcia worked on a skyscraper and was knocked down by a strong wind. He thanks Saint Elias with this retablo because the safety rope saved him from certain death.

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