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One cold night, a flying saucer landed near doña Francisca Gomez’ house. A martian came out of it and wanted to get inside trough a window to take a doggy. But señora grabbed a broom and gave him tremendous trashing so that he ran to his spaceship. Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe, because I thought he was going to abduct me with my two doggies.

Bonita farm, municipality of Queretaro
May 3, 1956

I was doing my household chores at the kitchen. When I turned to mop, I saw some filthy rats getting in, with some nerve I’d never seen, through the drain and the window. My cat Ramona got frightened and hid behind my skirts. Seeing such a great disaster, I implored the Blessed Apostle for his mercy. Then I started to hit the rats with my broom, and they turned back and went back to where they came from.

Ocotlan, Jalisco, Mexico, 1966

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I, Pilar Marmolejo, leave a testimony for such a strange event. It happened on July 18, 1975, when I was preparing to go to sleep. What a surprise it was to find a demon in flesh lying in my bed. With a sinister smile, he said that he’d like to have an intimate encounter with me. I immediately implored to the high benevolence of the Holy Virgin and kicked the devil out from my bed and my house by punching him with a broom.

Tehuacan, Puebla, 1976

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Domitila Barrientos found a love letter on her old man and beat him up with a broom until he fell down on the floor. She gives infinite thanks to Saint Charbel for he didn’t die because she made a mistake and the letter wasn’t to him.

Puebla, 1917

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A devil took my bed in possession at nights. I had no means to get rid of him and slept badly on the sofa in the living-room. I was praying to Saint Michael the Archangel for help. He was late a little bit, but then he illuminated me. I got an idea to wet my broom with holy water and brandish it against the devil who ran away through the window from the blessed broom and never came back. I give thanks for taking my bed back.

One evening I heard my cats being very restless. When I looked at them I was quite surprised to see the little red devils torturing my cats to divert themselves. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for giving me strength to sweep those damned creatures out so I could liberate my cats from suffering.

Petra Soto
January 10, 1979

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Corn demons came to my house. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I swept them out.

June 3, 1974

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I saved my piglet with your help, Holy Heart.

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Some crocodiles came from the river to my kitchen. They were very happy staying there. I had no idea how to chase them away. I couldn’t cook beaqcuse I was afraid they bite my leg off. I prayed Saint Paschal Baylon to help me get my kitchen back. He blessed my broom that right away seemed shining. I knew it was a miracle, so I got on a stool and began to swipe the crocodiles out. The blessed power of my broom scared them a lot, and they went away. I give thanks.

My damned crested rooster was eating my plants. I wanted to scare him off but got frightened myself instead when he almost pecked out my boy’s eyes. In despair, I implored the Virgin of the Solitude for help. Fortunately nothing bad happened. I thank for that and dedicate this.

Panchita Lopez V.
Chavinda, Michoacan, 1962

A trio of devils were having fun hurting my cats. I thank the Saint Francis for giving my broom a celestial power so I could sweep those infernal creatures away and saved my cats from suffering.

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Doña Rosita Paredes’ kitchen was invaded by rats. She had a toddler and was afraid the rats might bite him. But thanks to Saint Paschal Baylon she managed to get rid of them with a broom, and the rats didn’t bite anyone. She offers this retablo to the saint.

A spaceship landed in the village. The martians were taking the poultry from every person because no one could see them because they made themselves invisible. I thank the Holy Spirit for my dog smelled them and began to bark. The martians got scared so much they lost their invisibility, and then I could saw them. I chased them with my broom. They ran to their ship without my animals.