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Holy Virgin, please let my rooster win because I bet my wife.

Arturo Sanchez was cleaning the cages of his gamecocks, and on of them attacked him and almost pecked his eye out. He thanks Saint Charbel with this retablo because the eye was saved, and he promises to devote himself to something else.

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I thank Saint Cecily for pulling my wife the Tabascan from singers and making her a cock-breeder like myself. Now her roosters doing very awesome at the arena, and she’s so much happier. Señor Natalia Canto from Comitancillo, Cintalapa, Chiapas ordered to paint his exvoto. Emmanuel Espin painted it in the year 2020 AD.

Look after my friend Rattler the rooster, Holy Virgin.

Claudia Zuniga, January 1970

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I deeply thank Saint Magdalene for letting me put my rooster in the circus, considering that the audience is already tired from spontaneous performances at the fair. Besides, I don’t like cockfighting. I feel the my roster Ray would be much happier with his friends the elephant and the giraffe. With sincere devotion, Placido Domiguez from Quecholac, Puebla.


I came from the carnival celebration and was attacked by a rooster. Thanks for I won this fight.

Don Carmelo Sanchez thanks Saint Martin the Cavalryman for helping his rooster El Giro to win the fight on the town arena and made him win a lot of money to pay his debts.

Guanajuato, 1947

I infinitely thank Saint Anthony the Great with this humble retablo for the miracle of healing wounds of my rooster El Pinto. The Blue Rooster was fighting very bravely and hurt mine very bad. Few days later my rooster had to fight him again and this time he won. Now he’s a best rooster in the whole state.

Fortunato Anaya – Aguascalientes, 1954

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Francis of Assisi thanking him for saving my rooster Colorado. He came badly injured from a tough fight, and I was afraid he’d die. I’m very fond of him since he was a gift from my father.

Venustiano Peña ~ Aguascalientes, Mexico

My damned crested rooster was eating my plants. I wanted to scare him off but got frightened myself instead when he almost pecked out my boy’s eyes. In despair, I implored the Virgin of the Solitude for help. Fortunately nothing bad happened. I thank for that and dedicate this.

Panchita Lopez V.
Chavinda, Michoacan, 1962

I thank the Virgin for the miracle that my red rooster won an important fight.

Pablo Reyes
February 11, 1990

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It happened so a giant rooster came for his eggs. I thank the Virgin for it didn’t attack me.

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I’m very happy with my rooster.

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