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Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from my old lady Petronila’s machete, when she furiously attacked me, because I hadn’t been at home for four days, drinking pulque with my buddy El Chipujas. My old lady came and started swinging machete.

October 10, 1930

Enrique Chavez got a serious quarrel with his brother-in-law which got so angry that he cut Enrique’s belly with a machete. His guts dropped out. His wife prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and miraculously, after many surgeries, Enrique was saved. They offer this retablo in gratitude.

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With machete in hands we rose up to fight for our land rejecting the construction of the airport and ridiculous expropriation. We knew we weren’t alone and with the blessing of the Virgin of Guadalupe we would achieve what we wanted. We showed them that we weren’t going to sit on our hands and we would defend our land with our lives if it would be necessary.

The people of San Salvador Atenco, state of Mexico
August 1, 2002

In 2002, there were protests in San Salvador Atenco. The violent mass protests against federal and local government were caused by the planned construction of a new international airport for Mexico City. The construction of the airport was cancelled.

When I cut the stubble, I cut my hand with machete. The cut began to fester, and I couldn’t do anything. I implored to the Holy Face of God for healing. Now I thank him because my hand got better. I dedicate this retablo.

Aquilino Chavez
June 13, 1930

Ruben Garcia was attacked by some bastard with machete. He chop the Ruben’s hand off. Ruben thanks Saint Juan Diego because he was helped promptly and they managed to stitch his hand back. And the offender was thrown in jail.