Saint Raphael the Archangel

San Rafael Arcángel

Gregorio fell from the fishing boat and hit his head. He lost his conscience, and when he regained it back he saw two mermaids pulling him in different directions—one to the top and the other to the bottom. That moment he entrusted his life to Saint Raphael the Archangel. He thanks him because the mermaid who pulled to the top won, and he got to the surface where his buddies could grab and save him. Although nobody believed in the mermaid story, he didn’t care because he stayed alive.

For weeks, I was coming back with the empty net because there were no fish at all. But one day I met mermaids. I looked at them mesmerized, and they came closer out of curiosity. They gave me some fish. The mermaids just sang, fish swam over to them, and the mermaids took the fish and threw it in my boat. I go to the mermaids every since, and they give me fish. Now we have a lot of food at the house, and I thank Saint Raphael the Archangel for this amazing miracle.

Three cubans spent a month in open sea. Dehydrated by heat they finally arrived to the beaches of Mexico.

Retablo by

The fishing was going worse and worse with every day. I couldn’t catch anything at all. I prayed the Archangel Raphael, and the incredible miracle happened on the next day. Two beautiful mermaids began to catch fish and put them in my boat until it was filled. From that day I’m like a magnet for fish and have no shortage in food. Thanks.

The fishermen Pascual and Cayetano Rios thank the Archangel Raphael because a beautiful mermaid with her magic singing made so the fish jumped in their boat without using the net.

My husband started to catch mermaids. I was very jealous seeing how beautiful they were. But when he saw that these damned gluttons were eating all his fish yield so he was left with nothing to sell, my husband finally came to his senses and released the mermaids back in the sea. I thank Saint Raphael, protector of the fishermen.