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M.G. brings this retablo as gratitude to Saint Elias for getting pregnant after having sex with her partner on the river, although they were almost dragged by the current.

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I thank Saint Maroun with the present retablo because no one found out about my big secret I’ve been keeping for years. When I just got married I had an affair with a young milkman and got pregnant from him. I managed to fool my husband and all family explaining that my boy was born with red hair because of my great-aunt, so nobody found out about my infidelity.

Eduviges R. ~ Oaxaca

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June 3, 2008, our son Cristobal E. Martinez Muñoz was born. During the pregnancy my wife had a high blood pressure, and because of that the baby didn’t grow and develop. My wife’s water breaks and they had to do the c-section at the seventh month. Our son was born before its due time, he weighted just 1280 gr. He was kept in incubator for 52 days till he gained enough weight and recovered his health. Then we promised to offer this retablo to Saint Francis of Assisi thanking him for the miracle.

The Martinez Muñoz family
Cedral, San Luis Potosi, 18-01-2009

When I was pregnant I felt strange movements in my stomach. I was afraid something bad could happen with my baby. So I went to a midwife. She calmed me down and explained that there was nothing to be worried about. But nevertheless, she gave me to drink some remedy to take off my anxiety. I left her still slightly agitated, and on my way back I met a nagual. He was surrounded by a cloud of lightning bugs. He told me that my baby would be alright and he would grow up healthy and strong man, and also kind and clever. I thank Saint Raymond because this vision really calmed me down and I even felt myself very happy.

One night my wife who was on the sixth month of pregnancy stabbed me few times after having found out that I had been cheating on her with my friend Teresa. I give thousand thanks to Saint Gerard Mayela, the patron of the maternity, for helping me to survive this tragedy.

Your devoted Marcial A. D.
October 1, 2015

On our way back from the grand mother Martina’s house, we had to pass near the cemetery. We met an rest soul there. Ut started chasing us, and we ran in fright parking to the Virgin of Zapopan. Thanks to her nobody of us got sick with fear and I didn’t have miscarriage at five month of pregnancy. We dedicate this retablo.

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Barbara thanking for I’m not pregnant. My periods were delayed, so I bought a pregnancy test. I was frightened to see the result since I had no idea who might be the father. The thing is lately I had affairs with my neighbor, my friend from the university and even a professor. But now I’m relieved, since the result turned to be negative.

Emilia T.
Torreon, Coahuila

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I was going down the stairs from the roof carrying the washing and stumbled on my son’s toys. I was worried that something bad would happen with my baby and ask the Holy Virgins for protection. And my baby was born healthy.

Guadalupe Silva
Mexico City, July 18, 2000

I thank the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception because my husband has returned to me. Two years ago, he left me pregnant and went to another woman. I thank you, Virgin, for bringing him back to me. I dedicate this humble retablo to you.


The tortilla vendor Teofila Tecuapetla couldn’t get pregnant in spite of trying hard. She prayed Saint Paschal Baylon and now thank him because she got pregnant and gave birth to twins.

Cholula, 1934

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My husband was very bad with the intimate things. He was thinking only about his job and his office things. Meanwhile, little by little, I began to feel attraction to his beautiful boss when my husband invited him to our house for dinner. One night, when the boss sent my husband in a business trip, we had a love affair and I got pregnant. I thank Saint Augustine because my husband thinks it’s his baby. I ask you to not let him ever find out about my infidelity.

Laura N.
Merida, Yucatan

During a soccer game, I was standing in the “wall” at a free kick. The ball hit me in the balls so hard, that I was carried away in a stretcher. I thank Saint Raymond Nonnatus for it didn’t affect my virility since my wife’s just told me that she’s pregnant with triplets. I dedicate the retablo for this.

Placido Carrasco
Toluca, Mexico state

It occurred to my wife to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a circus artist. She got on our old horse, put a feather in her hair and started doing some tricks. She got all the animals scared and even the horse felt itself humiliated. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for bringing my wife back to reason so she forgot about this. Now she is alright <. . .> because we are expecting our first baby (?).