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Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for giving my son the gift of live and granting him health.

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Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favours. It happened so that I got pregnant. I didn’t want another baby because I already have two. I told about this to my friend and she gave me a tea which was very effective according to her. After drinking it, I felt very sick for two days and I vomited right on the street. I went to a doctor, and he told me that I got poisoning. They immediately gave me an enema, and I got better. When the baby was born, he was very healthy by a miracle. I really didn’t want more children. I ask the Holy Child for forgiveness because I didn’t know who is the father and that’s why I wanted to abort the baby. I’m very sorry.

Sonia Guerrero

Clementina Arrollo thanks Saint Agnes because Eligio has taken responsibility for his morning mischief and wishes that I would always have milk. He promised that one of these days he would leave his wife and six kids for me.

Mixcoac, June 7, 1957

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Getting with Maria Morales’ son to swim in the spring where the serpent ate the toad, Virginia del Pozo felt sick and pain. She was very scared and implored the Lord of the Faint from Tapazulapan, Oaxaca, for intervention so that it wouldn’t be a deadly illness. Fortunately and by unknown reason, she got pregnant and healthy. Ascribing it to the miracle of the Lord of the Faint, she ordered E. Espintla P. to paint this exvoto.

Year 2007, Villa del Progreso

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Virgin of San Juan, I bring you this retablo in gratitude for granting me the miracle of saving my baby, when I fell down the stairs and went urgently to the hospital. We are safe and healthy thanks to the medics.

Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico
May 10, 2003

Felipa Ortiz was pregnant and was about to give birth, but she was worrying because she didn’t have money to pay to a midwife. She fervently thanks the Virgin of San Juan because Frida the painter paid all the expenses of the childbirth.

Puebla, 1940

In the year 1928, the month of October, the date 14th, Micaela Estrada and her husband Donato Tejedor, with a great affliction and a very big fear, turned to the Virgin of Guadalupe to look after her pregnant belly as she had lost first three pregnancies. Thanks for relieving her pain.

Morelia, 1930

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On my tenth pregnancy, when I brought Luisita to the world, I went mad. One day I left the house and started wandering. I walked at the streets, they called me the Cat Lady, and I lived on the benches in the Alameda park. But one day Ruperto found me, and when I saw my baby I recovered. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Rosario Peña

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for the pregnancy test turned out negative because I was very much worried who would be the father.

Ines, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1976

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October 10, 2004, I was celebrating my 15th birthday. We were all very happy and it was a blast—the cake, the toast and my dance partner who was my prince charming. With this retablo, I give thanks to Saint Alexis and to the Divine Face of God from Tlaxpana for helping me so no one noticed that I was pregnant and my parents didn’t find out until later that, besides stopping be a little girl, I also stopped being a maiden.

Silvia Yanet Rosas
Jalacingo, Veracruz, 2006

Teresa Cobian being pregnant on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic invoked the Blessed Mary asking her to grant a happy delivery and she granted the request.

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Thank you, Virgin of Carmel, for no one at the wedding noticed that I’m on my seventh month of pregnancy.

Oaxaca, Mexico, 1968

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I voluntarily did an abortion when I first got pregnant because I didn’t feel ready to become a mom. Later the Virgin of Juquila blessed me with two sons, and I’m very happy now because I can provide them with a decent life. Thank you, Virgin, for blessing me so much.

Teresa, 52 years — Oaxaca

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