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The girl Mayra thanks Saint Paschal for the opportunity to celebrate her 15th birthday here in Mexico with her family and brothers.

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I dedicate this retablo to the Miraculous Virgin of Guadalupe because on my 15-th birthday party, Maria Daniela and Andria performed but at the end of the song they reveled their true vampire identity. Luckily, I have my anti-vampire kit under my dress and I was able to beat them.

Karen, October 29, 2014

October 10, 2004, I was celebrating my 15th birthday. We were all very happy and it was a blast—the cake, the toast and my dance partner who was my prince charming. With this retablo, I give thanks to Saint Alexis and to the Divine Face of God from Tlaxpana for helping me so no one noticed that I was pregnant and my parents didn’t find out until later that, besides stopping be a little girl, I also stopped being a maiden.

Silvia Yanet Rosas
Jalacingo, Veracruz, 2006

I dedicate the present retablo to Saint Anne for granting me a miracle of being able to organize my Britney Guadalupe’s 15th birthday party. It was my dream since I had no such celebration. I was selling everything: tupperware, clothes, shoes, makeup by catalog and even tamales on Sundays. But it worth to see my little girl as a princess, so happy on her special day.

Carmelita Perez \ Morelia, Michoacan

My daughter Evarista was very sad because her 15th birthday was coming and we lacked money to celebrate it. I entrusted myself to Saint Jude Thaddeus, and he helped me. The carnitas sales went very well, and I could organize a party with a big feast for the neighborhood. I thank for that.

Gaudencia Cruz

Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, my Chayito celebrated her 15th birthday in the family circle. We had been afraid to not have enough money to celebrate it.

Ernestina Lopez and her family

I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my dad managed to organize my 15th birthday party and I danced with the most handsome boys of the school.

I thank the Niñopa because the hipsters started to get interested in the products of small local farmers to prepare their tasty garnachas with organic food. So now my chinampas in Xochimilko, that I always had, help me to pay for the Estefany’s 15th birthday party.

Your faithful and devoted old chilango.
Xochimilko, Mexico City
July 2014

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for helping me to celebrate the 15-year birthday of my my daughter Teresita. Because of lack of money, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to organize something for that special day.

Concepcion Toledo

My husband took dance lessons for the 15th birthday party of our daughter Rosita. He danced very badly and was scared of making fool of himself. He even became sleep-walker. He waked up and danced humming some waltz tunes. I thank Our Lady of Zapopan because after the party, when he realized that he can dance, he stopped his sleep-walking.