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I thank the Virgin of Sorrows because, in spite of our poverty, we managed to put an altar for my father-in-law who, although he was a Jehovah’s witness, was born Catholic and enjoyed hojaldras pastries. Thank you, Holy Virgin, for interceding for him with Saint Peter so he would open the gates and let him pass, although he didn’t believe in you. Señora Santa Trinidad from Ocotepec, Morelos, ordered Emmanuel Espintla to paint this exvoto.

November 2, 2019

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A young man Ceferino Fernandez and his mom had a lot of financial problems. He entrusted himself to the Virgin of Juquila whom he gives infinite thanks because they started a sewing business and supported themselves with it.

I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Genesius, saint patron of the actors, for the movie “We, the poor”. When I was little we lived in a communal neighborhood because my family lived a very modest life. Now, when I grew up, I watch this movie and I relate to its characters. I remember that, despite poverty and social injustice, the family union is the most important thing.


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For my first salary I ordered this retablo. I dedicate it to the Virgin of the Miracles. I loved high heel shoes ever since I was little. But our family was so poor that sometimes we had nothing to eat. I’ve just got a job in an excellent shoe store in the capital.

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I was poor all my life. Although I worked, the money was never enough to have a comfortable life. I was fed up with this situation. I thank Saint Expeditus because I met my Castulo. I don’t care what the people says about our big age difference. He’s rich and can give me the luxury life I always dreamt of.

Alicia N. \ Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Joaquin Martinez lost his job. He had no money to feed his family. He was so desperate he went to rob the people on a bus treating them with a pistol. He got into the bus and fired a shot. A girl fell down. Joaquin got frightened and prayed to the Holy Heart of Mary because he didn’t want to end up as a murderer. The girl wasn’t wounded but fainted of fear. Joaquin apologized to the passengers and left the bus.

November 15, 1958

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My life was very sad and unhappy. I had no job or anything to call my own. I thank Saint John Bosco with this retablo because one day my remote uncle whom I didn’t even remember left me a big inheritance completely changing my life. Now my devoted dog Fido and I are enjoying the pleasures of life.

Rogaciano Buendia
Guadalajara, Jalisco

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We had serious financial difficulties. We had no money to feed the family, let alone the animals. So they had to provide for themselves. They looked at me with their hungry eyes, and I felt terribly sorry. I thank Saint Francis because bad times have passed. Now we have enough money and I give the animals double portions in order to make up for their sufferings.

After my husband’s death, my children and I had financial problems. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do. But the Virgin of Guadalupe sent us different animals which we found one morning near our house. There were some chickens and a cow—they didn’t belong to anybody. I started to sell eggs and milk, and it helped us to survive until I found a good job. I thank the Holy Virgin for those animals that literally fell from heaven.

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We had poverty and a lot of others problems in our town. But the Virgin of Guadalupe send her angel to protect us under his wings. The things are going better now.

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Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for helping me to celebrate the 15-year birthday of my my daughter Teresita. Because of lack of money, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to organize something for that special day.

Concepcion Toledo