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All the kids turned into animals. Thanks to the Virgin they came back to their normal state.

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Joaquin Martinez lost his job. He had no money to feed his family. He was so desperate he went to rob the people on a bus treating them with a pistol. He got into the bus and fired a shot. A girl fell down. Joaquin got frightened and prayed to the Holy Heart of Mary because he didn’t want to end up as a murderer. The girl wasn’t wounded but fainted of fear. Joaquin apologized to the passengers and left the bus.

November 15, 1958

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A bus that was going to Santo Tomas lost the brakes and went down the hill. But Our Lady of San Juan sent her angels to hold the bus. They drove the bus to the tree that stopped it. The driver Justiniano Medina thanks the Virgin for the miracle.

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The bus driver Ignacio Becerra and his colleague saw a bright beam of light on their way to Tula. They thought it was another bus and sounded the horn. But then the light went up and they realized it was an UFO. The UFO quickly disappeared. They thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for that.

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Ricardo Lezama was afraid of clowns. One day he met few of them in a bus. He panicked and fainted. However, Ricardo thanks Saint James for what happened because it helped him to begin to overcome his fear.

Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for having heard my prayers. I organized a bus trip to Zitucuaro, Michoacan, because I had a bus. It’s an old model but in good conditions. We almost arrived there when suddenly we were stopped by three armored men. They called themselves agents and began to check the passengers—as they were saying— for drugs and weapons. I was worried for kids. There were 10 of them in the bus. I think they were “sicarios” hitmen, because they were asking me what gang I’m in. I prayed them to let us go and finally they did.

Rafael Arroyo
Mexico City, 1981

My colleague from the route and I were racing against each other. We were driving so fast we almost hit the people crossing the street. I thank Saint Christopher for we managed to brake in time avoiding an accident. I promise to be a more careful driver and not to do stupid things.

Pascual Carreón, Mexico City

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We had an accident leaving Monterrey. Thanks to Saint Martin nothing really bad happened and everybody was saved and got out. In gratitude.

Jesus Solis, 10/2015

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Roberto Jimenez was driving his bus when two criminals came in and started robbing the passengers. But they didn’t know that there was a policeman on that bus. He shot the criminals. Roberto thanks the Virgin of Juquila for nothing happened to him.

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In order to get to my job I always had to run behind the minibus. And the worst part was to endure the mistreatment from the drivers. Besides, the minibus was always overcrowded. I bring this retablo to Saint Jude Thaddeus thanking him for the miracle that I could buy a little used car. So now I feel better and stopped suffering in the public transport.

Obdulia Reyes
Mexico City

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Being under the effects of a bad combination of spliff, beer, vodka and absinthe, I forgot that cars circulate on the wrong side of the road in this country. The Holy Angels sent a police officer on time before a 73 ran me over. I didn’t lose my life, just £100 fine. Thank you, Angels.

Hoxton, 2007

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Benjamin Camacho was riding on his bike with his baby when he was hit by a bus. The baby flew out his hands. He thanks the Holy Heart because miraculously the baby didn’t get hurt by falling on the ground. Benjamin didn’t get serious injuries either and got off with some bruises.

San Luis Potosi — July 17, 1955

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan because when my bus with the passengers fell of the cliff, it got stopped by a tree.

San Juan de los Lagos
October 26, 1958