Professor Benito

I thank God because he sent me an angel.

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On the 10th of July, 1947, I had an accident. My spacecraft crashed near a place called Roswell. I give thanks to the Saint Lord of the Galaxies, for nothing bad happened to me.

Bram Laxius
Galaxy P–40

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Señorita Gloria Zermeño thanks the miraculous Divine Eye for curing her from bad temper and desires of the flesh.

Tlacote, Queretaro, Mexico, 1952

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Señor Antonio Ontiveros and his wife thank the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for saving their lives from being abducted by martian flying saucers on June 15, 1964.

The martians left them naked and converted them in jaguars. They thank the martians and the Virgin because they traveled around the world, met a lot of people and made money. The Jaguars of Michoacan.

I thank the Holy Child with the Twig for saving me from an angry donkey that had bad intentions and scared me when I was taking a sunbath.

Carolina Peres
El Cerrito, Gto., Mexico, 1955

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St. Anthony, I’m desperately asking you for a man who would love me and would marry me.

September, 7, 2007

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St. Anthony, I’m deeply thanking you for I met the love of my life.

September, 7, 2008

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