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Monso, a tamer by profession, thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting him successfully end his act after being attacked by his lion. He thanks for he managed to subdue the lion without anything bad happened, and he wholeheartedly asks to always protect him.

April 30, 1985

I, Anacleto Coloyo Meras, thank Saint Daniel for he got me out of gigolo and I’ve become a lion tamer.

Michoacan, Mexico, 1990

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Virgin of Guadalupe, may you be blessed for letting me to be triumphant here in the circus performing my deadly act with the lion after falling down in an attempt. Here I’m giving you thanks.

Lupe N. The Untamable
Mexico, 1997

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Modesto Perez, an animal tamer by profession, I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for nothing bad happened to me when an elephant went mad. I was in deadly danger, but entrusted myself to her and here I am alive to tell her thanks.

Circus “Cosmos”, Mexico, 1950

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from death when my lion went mad and tried to attack me. I entrusted myself to you and finished my act.

Felipe “The Daredevil”
May 10, 2001

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April 30, 1985, during my routine in the circus, a frightened lion jumped on me. In such danger, I implored the Holy Lord of Chalma, and with this help I managed to tame the lion and ended my act without anything happened to me. I thank for the received favor.

Federico Hernandez

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May 17, 1951, during my act at the Union circus, a furios lion attacked me. My life was in danger, and I entrusted myself to the Virgin of Guadalupe of Mexico. I was saved, and I bring you this retablo in gratitude.

Francisco Torres, animal tamer

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I infinitely thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for the miracle of saving me from dying when my bear went crazy during the act. I entrusted myself to you and got off safely.

Francisco “the Fearless”, Atayde circus, 1990

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you because I survived after being attacked by the lion. That dangerous moment I entrusted myself to you and you protected me. Now I’m alright and keep working in the circus.

Vicente Perez
April 30, 1990, Mexico City

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The lion tamer Zamudio Rodriguez brings the present retablo to Saint James the Apostle for protecting him every night during his act at the circus. Those three ferocious beats he tames have never attacked him so far.

Jalisco, 1967

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The lion tamer Pedro Garcia brings this retablo to Saint John Bosco thanking him for his lioness gave birth to two cubs without problems and complications.

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April 30, 1930, we were performing in Villahermosa, Tabasco. During the lion taming act the tamer received a strong scratch and even his clothes were torn and his skin was cut. The furious animals was about to attack him again and we thought it should kill the tamer. But suddenly the Holy Virgin made a miracle and saved his life.

The Maravilla circus
Matias Lopez Espinosa
Villita de Guadalupe, October 30, 1932

I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because working as an animal tamer in the circus I bring joy to the children and this makes me more happy. Moreover I enjoy the company of my animals whom I successfully trained with love and rewards.

Luis Felipe Marquez Peña