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Gustavo Lopez was having a diner with his cousin when his girlfriend, crazy of jealousy, came and stab him in his neck with a broken glass. He fervently thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo for his recovery and for that crazy broad was put behind bars.

I was gravely ill with my liver, and I was in deadly danger. Then I implored the sky not to let me die and not to leave my poor children unprotected. But I got only worse, and then I died, and my husband went off with my cousin and didn’t want to have anything with my children. I leave this retablo as testimony.

Domitila Ochoa Razo, October 10, 1937

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My friends and I had an idea of hiring prostitutes via internet for the bachelor party of one of them. I was greatly surprised finding out that one of the prostitutes was my cousin. I thank Saint Charbel because, in exchange of keeping this secret and not telling her parents about it, she will introduce me to her friends and they will give me a special price.

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Angelica Telles got drunk of jealousy of seeing her cousin getting married. She undressed during the reception and started dancing naked. She thanks Saint Mariana for her family didn’t disown her and forgave her.

S. F. was very sad because his cousin didn’t pay him any attention. But after insisting very much he could get her into the bed, and now they are very happy. He thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus for that.

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Enrique Fernandez loved to spy on his cousins swimming in the river until one day he was caught and given what he deserved. He thanks Saint Charbel for he wasn’t kicked out and promises to behave well.

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An UFO took all the prostitutes in the city. Thanks for they didn’t take my cousins.

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The cousins Ramon and Jose Lopes were fighting and one of them in fury sprinkled insecticides in the face of another one. The sprinkled kid was in bad condition. His parents thank Saint John Bosco for it didn’t get serious.

Since my cousin came to live with me, she was constantly flirting with my boyfriend. She used to put her mini-skirt every time he was coming to me. I’m thanking the Virgin of San Juan for my cousin moved back to her town and my boyfriend never payed her attention. I’m feel myself calm and happy now.

Azucena Godínez
Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala

My husband and I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Lourdes because she helped us to get a church permission from the monseñor Mario Andrea Arredondo, bishop of Tampico. Without this permission we couldn’t get married since we are cousins.

The twin sisters L. and J. had a marvelous idea to perform an erotic dance for their cousin. But things went beyond control. The sisters promise to the Lord of the Wonders to be chaste from now on, although it may be difficult.

Javier Espinosa used to sleep with his cousin. But one day her parents arrived and Javier had to escape through the window. He thanks St. Anthony for her parents didn’t punish her, although they prohibited him to come to their house.

Holy Child of Atocha, may you be blessed for saving Vicente’s life when his cousin Carmelo stabbed him. Carmelo was furious and wanted to kill Vicente after he had found out that I was in love with him. I asked for his recovery.

Juana Torres. 1969

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