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A crocodile got in the house, and I tried to chase him away with a broom. But my sister got a better idea of spraying insecticide in its snout. Because of the sound of the spray or just because of its bad taste—since some of it got in its mouth—but the crocodile decided to go away. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for the beast didn’t bite us.

I thank Saint Ignatius of Loyola who helped me to acquire a new fumigator to kill all those damned beetles eating my entire harvest of candle tree fruits.

Aguascalientes, May 1972

The cousins Ramon and Jose Lopes were fighting and one of them in fury sprinkled insecticides in the face of another one. The sprinkled kid was in bad condition. His parents thank Saint John Bosco for it didn’t get serious.

I had a slight fever, And the night I had hallucinations with the ghosts of enormous mosquitos. They were looking at me reproachfully, because I had sprayed insecticide on them. They wanted to bite me. I prayed Saint Quiteria for help, and the next day I had no fever. However I ordered to put mosquito nets on all the windows, because I didn’t want to have any more visits from the mosquitos ghosts.

A giant monstrous spider wove his web in the cupboard. When I found it I was paralyzed with fright, because I’am afraid of all the spiders, even the small garden spiders. But my son reacted very quickly and sprayed an insecticide on the animal. He had to use the whole can. I thank Saint Francis because the monster didn’t attack my son and because my son is a very brave boy who was able to kill the spider.

A crocodile got in our house. I tried to drive it out with a broom but my sister got another idea. She sprayed insecticide at the crocodile. It didn’t like either the sound of spraying or the taste of the insecticide that it got in its mouth. However, the crocodile decided that better go away. We thank the Virgin of San Juan because the animal didn’t bite us.