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Every day at lunch, my boyfriend and his colleagues go buy tacos from a very flirtatious woman. I thank Saint Benedict for my boyfriend shows me his love and never falls into the temptation. This woman flirt with everybody all the time. But I don’t worry because my Raymundo is faithful to me.

Refugio Vallejo
Villahermosa, Tabasco

The demon in flesh tried to seduce me but thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I was able to chase this damned seducer away.

Maria Gabriela Martinez
April 6, 1968

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Since my cousin came to live with me, she was constantly flirting with my boyfriend. She used to put her mini-skirt every time he was coming to me. I’m thanking the Virgin of San Juan for my cousin moved back to her town and my boyfriend never payed her attention. I’m feel myself calm and happy now.

Azucena Godínez
Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala

The widow B. M. was feeling very lonely but then a neighbor seduced her, and now they live happily. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo because the neighbor is quiet about it so nobody knows about it.

I thank the Lord of Chalma, because Joaquin managed to escape before my husband entered the room. So he avoided troubles. I dedicate this retablo, asking for forgiveness and repenting. I swear I wouldn’t have cheated on my husband, because he loves me and doesn’t deserve it. I’ll always be faithful to him until death tears us apart. I fell for Joaquin’s youth and words, but it really helped me to appreciate my husband as a man and as a human being.

Rosa H. J.
Condesa, Mexico City
February 14, 1990

Some she-demons appeared to Francisco Romero by night and seduced him. But with St. Francis’ help he managed to get rid of them. He thanks for such a great favor with the present retablo.

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