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My boyfriend and I were going adventurous and experimenting with new things. We got an idea to make love on the roof, behind the water tank. But we didn’t figure that a neighbor would go there as well to hang her laundry. I asked Saint Barbara for help, and we got an idea to meow like cats so the neighbor didn’t catch us in act. I give thanks for that.

Karla R. ~ Pachuca, Hidalgo

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In the heat of the fight Visenta Lopez got confused and shot her old man in the ribs. He was badly screwed. Visenta thanks the Lord of the Wonders for the old man didn’t kick the bucket and got recovered.

Pachuca, Hidalgo, 1914

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Paschal Baylon because we won a nice American kitchen in a Guanajuato’s radio program raffle. Now I can cook delicious dishes for my husband—green pozole, pork escalopes, tacos al pastor, chicken balls, marinated arrachera steak, meat with mushrooms, grilled ribs, chilaquiles and pork with beens.

Pachuca, January 3, 1969

Bernabe Gonzalez used to beat his wife. But one day she had enough of it, so while her husband was sleeping, she tied him to the bed with the belt and gave him a lesson. Bernabe got so scared that he promised to St. Pancras to not be violent with his wife.

Pachuca, 1935

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Every day in the office, I was suffering harassment from my boss who used every opportunity to approach me and touch me. He made me improper proposals in change of moving up in my job, and I felt very terrible. I thank Saint Dorothy for giving me enough courage to denounce him to his superiors and to end this nightmare.

Rita N.
Pachuca, Hidalgo

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My children and I were decorating the Christmas tree. I just needed to put the star on the top of the tree. I couldn’t reach it, though, so I climbed a ladder. At that moment, a very annoying mosquito flew over me and began buzzing around. I tried to kill him but fell down myself with the tree instead. I thank Saint Marta because, although I hit myself tremendously, the tree and the toys weren’t damaged.

Filiberto Ortega
Pachuca, Hidalgo

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for saving my son Julio. I sent him to take money from my friend. He didn’t come back for a long time and I went to find him. To my surprise, I found him lying on the ground. He had been attacked and shot. I dedicate this retablo to the brown-skin Virgin for saving him.

Felipe Lopez
Pachuca, Hidalgo, 1964

My wife and I used to work together in the same company. But then one day there were doing cutting of employees and I was fired. So I took upon myself all the house duties, cooking including. It was very hard, everything was going wrong. I implored Saint Paschal’s help, and, after many attempts, my dishes started to turn out good and delicious. I thank for such a miracle, and I even think of opening a budget cafe in my garage.

Julian Segura
Pachuca, Hidalgo

I offer this retablo to Saint Martin the Cavalryman thanking him for my son Evaristo finally straightened his life up and found a job. He was already 35 years old, yet he did nothing but lay in the bed and listen his music. I couldn’t support him any longer.

Petra Carranza
Pachuca, Hidalgo

I thank Saint Martin the Cavalryman for helping my husband with job. So we could pay all our debts and celebrate christmas holidays with family.

Josefa Molina
Pachuca, Hidalgo

Juan Antonio Ruiz Callo played with my husband’s pistol and deadly wounded himself. I was going to warn him and saw him shot. I implored to Saint Juadas Thaddeus for his life. The bullet went very close to the heart, and he survived. I offer this retablo for the miracle.

Pachuca, Hidalgo

I was repairing the roof of the house. I stumbled and fell off the ladder right on the stump. It had a splinter that went through my stomach. I prayed to The Holy Face of God and asked for a relief. I got better and recovered from this deadly wound. Lorenzo Garcia dedicates this ex-voto.

Pachuca, Hidalgo
Holy week, 1956

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for your help. One day my husband came home in bad mood because a sheep fell of the cliff. My husband was drunk. He went on the kitchen and tried the chilaquiles I made. He got furious, he threw the pan saying that the food wasn’t spicy enough. I asked him not to get mad. But he grabbed my hair and kick me in the face. He broke my jaw. So I had it, and I kicked him out the house.

Victoria Mendoza
Pachuca, Hidalgo, 1975