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Our donkey on which we were carrying oranges to the town for selling fell down the cliff and couldn’t climb back by itself. We thank the Holy Child of Atocha for giving us—to me and my children—extraordinary strength to pull the donkey up and save him. Besides, we love him very much and he’s like our family member.

When I was going to the town to sell oranges, my donkey and I fell into a pit. I couldn’t move, and I thought I would die there, at the bottom of a dark pit. I began to pray the Virgin of Zapopan, and some time later a shepherd was walking by with his goats. He heard my screams and came to save us. I thank the Virgin because nor I, nor my donkey got hurt.

I was carrying my oranges to the town to sell them. But I got a bad idea to ride the donkey. Since I’m slightly fat, plus the weight of the oranges, the ground and the donkey’s legs couldn’t bear it. We fell on the slope from the hill which is very steep. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because we fell down some bushes and I didn’t brake any bones, nor did my donkey. The oranges got smashed but I borrowed a bucket and made juice from them. In that way I even made more money than with the whole fruits.

My little sister and I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Sorrows. Although we remained orphans and spent bad days in a shelter in Toluca, we have been adopted by a very rich family from the capital. Here we are eating oranges and cookies with our parents and brother.

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Luis Ramirez, a boy, used to steal the oranges from the neighbor until one day he fell off the tree and broke his arm. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders for this lesson and promises to not steal anymore.

Adriana Herrera worked picking oranges. She used to do it topless to not get hot. Thanks to that her master pay attention to her and they became lovers. She thanks Saint Helen with this retablo for she is not lacking in anything.

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I sold the oranges at the market and bought the piglet. I rode my donkey holding the piglet, when we fell into a pit. I fell down and the donkey with the piglet fell over me. I couldn’t move. I thought we were going to die down there in the dark. But thanks to Saint Francis a muleteer was passing by. He heard my screams, and he helped me out. I bruised myself but I was safe. The donkey and the piglet, since they fell on me, were also alright. I give thanks.

I went to the town market to sell oranges. I got tired and decided to ride my donkey. But I had put a little bit of weight. We were going down the hill, and the donkey’s legs slid apart under my weight combined with the weight of the oranges. We slid down the hill. Thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan there were a lot of bushes on our way and they stopped our falling. We didn’t broke any bones, only got scared and got few bruises.

I went to the market to buy some oranges. On my way back I saw two frightened kittens cornered by angry dogs. I was screed of dogs but I asked Saint Quiteria to give me courage and to protect me. I put one kitten in my basket and the other one I took under my arm. Then I ran away. Saint Quiteria protected me, and the dogs didn’t get us. Since the kittens were stray I kept them. And now they keep me company.

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I was picking oranges and fell from the ladder. My bones are very fragile and I was frightened I might break one. But thanks to the Virgin of San Juan I fell down on my husband, who is very lazy and never helps. I offer this retablo to the Virgin.

Lorenzo and Susana Morales were selling oranges and tomatoes. But at one ranch they were attacked and bitten by angry dogs. They were scared that the dogs might have been rabid, so they entrusted themselves to the Holy Child of Atocha. They thank because three months have passed by and they have no rabies.

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