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I thank Saint Charbel because he cured me from sleepiness and laziness that I suffered from.

Abelardo Cruz

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In my family we used to bring offerings to our dead relatives. But when I became independent and began to live alone, I felt too lazy to put an altar and decided to decorate my house for Halloween instead. The night of the Day of the Dead I was greatly frightened by seeing that my grandparents appeared to me and they were very angry with me for not giving them offerings. I thank Saint Michael for they didn’t take me to a better world, and I promise not to forget my Mexican traditions.

Everyone thinks that I just lie in bed and do nothing. In fact, I imagine new paintings. Thanks to my Guardian Angel who don’t let me be lazy!

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Dulce Maria Hernandez and her children were picking apples in the garden. Dulce fell of the ladder. Since she was six months pregnant, she is very grateful to the Virgin of Zapopan because she fell on the big fat dog that was so lazy that it didn’t even move. Dulce didn’t get hurt and her fall was soft.

I was picking oranges and fell from the ladder. My bones are very fragile and I was frightened I might break one. But thanks to the Virgin of San Juan I fell down on my husband, who is very lazy and never helps. I offer this retablo to the Virgin.