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I thank the Virgin of San Juan because I managed to sell all my turkeys and to buy two pigs. Then I sold the piglets they made and bought a goat and some laying hens.

My patrons asked me to cook some mole and two turkeys. I was feeling bad to kill birds. I thank Saint Paschal because I convinced my patrons to have another dish and they even gave me those two turkeys as a gift. I took them back to my hut, and I’m very glad.

Maria Flores
Atlixco, Puebla

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Dolores Ramos thanks the Holy Virgin of Zapopan because her broods of chicken and turkey went very well and now she can buy a cow. She offers this retablo to the Virgin.

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The boy Jose Luis Arreola thanks with this retablo for they didn’t eat his turkey although it’s pretty big.

San Juan, July 8, 1938

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1908, Just Romero had met a nagual on arrival to Zacatlan. He entrusted himself to Saint Charbel and now thanks him for the nagual didn’t catch him and only stole his turkey.

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Foxes had been eating my turkeys. Then the Virgin of Zapopan gave an idea to my daughter to buy some geese. The geese attacked the foxes and drove them away. We thank the Holy Virgin because the foxes never came back.

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Our masters asked us to cook a turkey stew for the wedding of their daughter. We were feeling bad to cook the turkeys. So we decided to prepare something else and prayed to Saint Paschal to not getting fired. The masters didn’t get angry with us and even gave us the turkeys. We thank for that.

Rita & Josefa Cruz
Cholula, Puebla

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We presented before Our Virgin of San Juan to ask her so that the coyote wouldn’t eat our turkeys. The Virgin heard our prayers and worked the miracle. So when the coyote came next time, the turkeys attacked it all together. They pecked it, and the coyote ran away scared and never came back.

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Panchita Ordoñez thanks the Soul of Mary because she noticed in time that a thief was taking her turkeys. She chased him, and a scoundrel had to let the birds go in order to run from the Panchita’s stick. So he didn’t take anything.

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There was an epidemic in the village that infected the animals. With all my faith, I entrusted myself to the Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would save my animals. They were saved, didn’t got infected and stayed in good health. They are all I have, and I thank you. May you be blessed, Virgin.

Eufrosina Reyes
Cuetzalan, Puebla

The godfather of the Salinas’ kids gave to their parents a big and beautiful turkey for the holidays. But the kids loved it so much, and the turkey turned to be very obedient and nice, that the parents, instead of eating it, decided to keep the turkey as a pet. The kids thank Saint Francis for this beautiful present.