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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for getting well through this dangerous sex-changing surgery. Although I was born as a man but always felt as a woman inside. Now I’ve became one. With my parents’ support, it doesn’t matter what people say.

Alejandro “La Jasmin”
Condesa, Mexico City
December 12, 2013

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The old man Felipe Suarez wanted to go after young chicks and took three viagras. He got it so hard, he had to go to the hospital. He thanks Saint Augustine for his cock didn’t explode and promises to not go crazy with prostitutes.

E. P. went to a whorehouse and used there the Crazy Lola’s services who rode him so hard that she broke his penis. He thanks Saint Bruno with the present retablo for his recovery and promises to not visit such places anymore.

Gustavo Rivera was very distressed because he had a small one. He implored Saint Charbel, and it has grown up a little bit with help of some natural medicine Now he feels more secure and thanks for this favor.

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Pedro and Juan thank the Virgin for being very happy.

We met each other on our destined paths. We are in relationship and thank the Heart for that without fear of what the others say. He and I.

Colonia Condeza, Mexico City, 2005

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Manuel and Mario are happy. They love each other and thank the Virgin.

Mexico City — November 21, 2007

I thank Jesus Christ because bastards who attacked and violently raped me didn’t kill me and didn’t infect me with AIDS. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ with this retablo.

Monica Torres Avila
Guadalajara, Jalisco, 1971

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Pedro and Ramon are happy and love each other. Thanks to the Virgin.

Mexico City

When I was on safari in Africa, I felt like peeing. I went to a tree. So I was peeing, and suddenly a viper appeared. It wanted to bite my manhood. I implored the Virgin of Guadalupe. She heard my prayers and shooed the viper away.

Chimaltenango, 1969

With this drawing your slave Juan Luis Rubert wants to thank you, Saint Francis, for the miracle. My dog Sandy bit the doña Mariela Luisiana del Corral’s big toe. I cared about the wounded woman with all my devotion, in your constant presence, Saint Francis. At that moment her husband arrived and witnessed this scene. He got furious and killed the dog but left Mariela Luisiana del Corral to me for ever.

Cuernavaca, Mexico
December 2013

Pedro and Juan love each other. They are very happy and they thank the Virgin.


I, Armando del Fresno, thank my dear Saint Anthony of Padua and dedicate this retablo to him for giving me courage to decide to reveal to my friends and relatives that I am a nudist. They accepted me for who I am. Now we meet and have tremendous parties every week.

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