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December 31, 1968

When I, full of hope of getting into the United States, crossed the Rio Bravo, I was caught by the migration police. He threatened me with death, pointing his gun in my mouth. I saw that there was no salvation for me, and I implored the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe. I realized what it is to be in a foreign land. I was searched, they took the little i got on me, then they threw me back to the river. I came back, relaying on my luck. I promised to bring you this retablo when I came back to my land. Now I do what I promised because you stayed with me.

Tomas Huerta — Zitacuaro, Michoacan

Faustino Cabrera dedicates this humble retablo to Saint Francis of Assisi because thanks to his divine intervention he found his donkey Filomeno which had been lost in the field. He couldn’t work without the donkey, so he’s very happy he found him.

Zitocuaro, Michoacan

Retablo by

Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for having heard my prayers. I organized a bus trip to Zitucuaro, Michoacan, because I had a bus. It’s an old model but in good conditions. We almost arrived there when suddenly we were stopped by three armored men. They called themselves agents and began to check the passengers—as they were saying— for drugs and weapons. I was worried for kids. There were 10 of them in the bus. I think they were “sicarios” hitmen, because they were asking me what gang I’m in. I prayed them to let us go and finally they did.

Rafael Arroyo
Mexico City, 1981

It was getting dark. I went with my wife Lupita in the field to scrape the agave and gather the maguey sap with the acocote. Suddenly we noticed a horrible animal with wings and long teeth. It wanted to attack us. We entrusted ourselves to the Holy Child of Atocha so that he would protect us. Thank God we managed to escape.

Zitacuaro, Michoacan
May 3, 1985

Federico Aguilar Aguascalientes

Thank you, God, for saving us from the chupacabra.

Acocote is a long gourd pointed at both ends, used in Mexico for extracting the nectar of the maguey.

Cristoforo Buendia got furious because Lupe disregarded his wedding proposal. He shot Juana because she didn’t force Lupe to love him. Juana was wounded to death, but she swore to respect her daughter’s decision, even if she would be killed for it. Now Juana is out of danger. She offers this retablo to the Holy Face of God.

Zitacuaro, Michoacan, 1935

Gumersindo Jimenez went abroad for work when he was a little boy. He gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because he managed to make some money. He bought a carousel and returned back to his beloved Mexico to work with his family.

Zitacuaro, Michoacan

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