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Because Bernardo Pacheco, a turner, came to work being hungover, he stumbled and hit his snout against the machine. The bleeding wouldn’t stop, so he implored Saint Patrick and got healed. He gives infinite thanks for that.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, we dedicate you this one for delivering my buddy from dying from a horrible hangover. When I saw how bad he was, I entrusted him to you and asked to alleviate his pain and you did so.

Angel & Jose
Mexico City, December 12, 1993

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Marta R. and Raquel M. brought wine to the school and got drunk, but the nuns caught them. They thank the Virgin of San Juan for they weren’t expelled and only had to sweep the school with hangover.

A barber Artemio Gutierrez had a hangover and his hands were shaking. So when he was cutting the municipal president hair, he accidentally cut his ear. Artemio thanks Saint John Bosco for he was forgiven and wasn’t thrown in jail.

Felipe Suarez got locked in wine cellar, and he drank as much as he liked. But the next morning he got an unbearable hangover. He promises to Saint Jude Thaddeus not to be so irresponsible.

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I thank Saint Beatrice because I found a tequila that doesn’t give me a horrible headache when I wake up in the morning.

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May you be blessed, Our Mother of Guadalupe, for sending me relief from a strong hangover when I was vomiting with blood and feeling like death. I asked for saving my life and now I’m thanking you.

Felimon Roque
1990, Mexico

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In 1939 in a town Santo Tomas Chautla the barber Martin Gonzalez was working with a hangover and accidentally cut off the municipal president’s ear. The barber gives thanks to Saint Martin because he wasn’t thrown in jail and had no punishment.