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May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for I got my voice back. I was left unable to speak, and I implored you promising this retablo if you’d help me. You know that’s how I earn my living performing serenades and songs in taverns here in Garibaldi. Look after me in my job, and I promise to dedicate you a cantata on every December 12.

Juan Perez, Mexico City

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for helping me to find a job of mariachi here in Garibaldi after being kicked out from a butcher shop where I had worked before. As I promised, every morning now I sing to you.

Tiodoro Aguilar from Xochimilco
December 12, 1970

The mariachi “Voices of Mexico” dedicate this humble retablo, with great faith and devotion, to Saint Cecily for having a lot of work because the tourists who came to the Garibaldi Sq. are very fond of their music and hire them to brighten up their Mexican nights.

Mexico City

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Holy Mother Virgin of Guadalupe, queen and protectress of the Mexicans, I offer you this retablo because you helped me with my work as a mariachi here in Garibaldi. In such difficult moments like those our country is going through, the music makes one forget about problems and brings joy into the heart of your beautiful and beloved Mexico.

A grateful mariachi

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Javier Flores thanks Saint Pancras with this retablo because his mariachi-band had a big success in Garibaldi.

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