Saint Lazarus

San Lazaro

The monkey tugged my beard when Saint Lazarus appeared to tame this beast. I thank with this exvoto. I, the Bearded woman of the circus.

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I thank Saint Lazarus who saved me from a trouble when a dog fell on my back. It fell off the roof tumbling me down when I was going for some beer. I even came out of soak with this damned fright. Think—if it would have fallen on my neck would I be telling this story? But I got up and am telling it.

A grateful Mexican from Huipulco, Mexico City
September, 2014

Venerable Saint Lazarus. After waiting for so many years, finally there is a female Pope. Praise Jesus! Glory to God! We have read and written so many feminist books, and finally, you have heard our prayers. Thank you! We will not let you down!

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