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I hate Christmas, so that afternoon I decided to go for a walk instead of the typical dinner. In the park, I met David who also hates Christmas, and since then we have been together thanks to Jesus.

Cecilie M., 24–12–2018, Oslo

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When I was a teenager, I was often harassed by a monster in my dreams. One night, after entrusting myself to the Archangel Michael, I cut the monster’s head, and I’ve never seen the monster again after that dream.

Daniel Bø, 25–11–1999, Oslo

I do not care what people say, I am a prostitute and I like and enjoy my work. Thank you Mary Magdalene for taking care of me and for so many clients.

Rosa M., Oslo 2018

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Since I bought my smartphone, I was facing the screen waiting for the likes on Facebook. I was like a zombie. I thank Jesus for freeing me from this addiction.

Sunniva Hansen
19.08.2018, Oslo, Norway

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I knew it! I suspected that my girlfriend was unfaithful to me. So I started spying on her. Thanks to Jesus because now I know that she is not worth it and now I have the pretext to send her to hell.

Olav Hansen
17–07–2018, Bergen, Norway

I thank Saint Patrick for being so lucky to get sick with diarrhea so I couldn’t go to work in the government quarter.

22–07–2011, Oslo

I thank Jesus because I’ve become the most popular transsexual with the most followers on YouTube.

Tina Eriksson. Oslo, 2018

A year ago I tried to commit suicide, jumping from the second floor. My girlfriend had left me. Then I met Gaby who was a paramedic who treated me. Thousand thanks to the Holy Death for not taking me and thus having another opportunity to love.

Oslo, Norway, December 7, 2018

With this retablo, I thank the Sacred Heart for all the blessings I received during the 2010–2011. I was waiting one year for my residence permit in Norway, during which I had no work permit, no money, no home, no family, no food or anything. But many angels along the way helped me.

07/03/2011, Oslo, Norway
Daniel Garcia

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I thank Saint Sebastian that I have finally found my master, and I only live to serve him and please him in everything. He makes me happy by exercising his dominion over me, and I submit to him, and only to him I give myself unconditionally.

Lilibeth W.
Oslo, Norway, March 2019

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