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T. A. loved when her partner spanked her with a sword. But one day it went out of hand and she ended up in the hospital. She thanks Saint Bruno with the present retablo for overcoming the embarrassment of explaining to the doctors what happened since they wouldn’t believe her.

The boy Timoteo Gomez didn’t want to harm his little brother but knock out his two teeth with his yo-yo. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha because their parents didn’t spank him till death and his brother feels better now.

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When Pablo came home he saw me chatting with some neighbors. He got angry and started spanking me with his belt. But I felt much more pain because Pablo though I was cheating on him. He yelled at me, cursing with horrible words, and threatened to leave me. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because he didn’t dump me and we live happily together.

You devoted son, R. C. P.
Mexico City, 1970

Gilberto Martinez loved when his wife gave him lashes. But one day she got out of hand and gave him hell. He thanks Saint Elias for healing up and promises to control his fetish.

The young man Ruperto Coyotzi was going to be shot dead by order of a general. He gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, because his mother’s prayers were heard and he got a pardon, although he received forty lashes.

Susana Huerta was taken by a fetish of being spanked by her boyfriend. But the day after she couldn’t sit. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo for she was able to control her fetish.

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When the young Alejandro Jimenes’ father came home drunk, he used to hang the boy naked and spanked him with the belt. Alejandro thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for the neighbors denounced about it, and now he is safe.

Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for your favors. I got involved with a real psychopath without knowing it. Suddenly he became mad with no reason. He was speaking incoherently and asking me whom I’d been cheating on him with. I told my father about Javier but he answered me that it was my fault that I’d got mixed up with a man like him. In the end, Javier stripped me down, tied my arms around a tree and flogged me. My father was coming by, he saw Javier beating me and shoot him in the leg. I was saved.

Maria Zoto
Tlaxcala, 1969

The boy Jose Gomez found out the combination for his father’s safe and stole a lot of money from it. When it was revealed he was spanked and grounded. He promises to Saint Pancras not to do it again.

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Catalina B. became addicted to her lover slapping her butt. He slapped her so harsh, it was hard for her to go at work. She prayed Saint Martha and managed to overcome this affliction. She’s immensely grateful for that.

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The parents thank the Virgin of the Solitude because their children found the courage to report a teacher who used to spank them. So now he pays for his misdemeanors.

I thank Saint Sebastian because I arrived in time before my naughty boyfriend went to steam with some filthy swine. I whipped him with belt, and now he loves me more than ever and he’s very faithful.

Panchito Perez Cruz
Mexico City, 1987

Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for helping me to quit my masochism obsession. I asked my partner to whip my ass with a belt because only this way I felt myself really satisfied.

Carlos Jalil
Mexico City, 1960