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Gloria Ramirez thanks Saint Pancras, with this retablo, because when she was having a walk around Coyoacan she was lucky to meet painter Diego Rivera while he was peacefully napping. 1943

Miraculous Holy Child of Atocha, I dedicate you this exvoto for letting me be happy. I, Roberto Pilar H., am a faggot, and since I was a little boy I loved men. Now I found love with Carlos A., and we live together.

Coyoacan, April 13, 1975

Pascual Ramirez thanks the Holy Face of God for his wife Petra Soto didn’t see him when she converted into a martian because she scared me very much.

Coyoacan, 1979

Carmelo Lopez, I was attacked by a crocodile woman and she almost bit off my arm but I escaped.

Coyoacan, April 23, 1989

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I thank God because on July 26, 2006 The Dogs of Evil won. Mr. Aguilla, El Terrible and my favorite The Son of the Dog Aguaya performed a master fight against El Mistico, Negro Casas and Rey Bucanero. They showed who rules at the Arena Mexico, although they weren’t favorites. “The Dogs don’t forgive”. I won the bet to my girlfriend because we both love wrestling.

Lupe and Juan
Coyoacan, Mexico City, 2006

Frida asks the Virgin of Guadalupe that Diego wouldn’t be such a womanizer.

Coyoacan, Mexico City

I dedicate this ex-voto to the Holy Heart of Jesus thanking for my wife never found out the truth why I had a heart attack. I used to spy at nights on my sister-in-law when she went to sleep. She stripped herself down and took photos with her phone. I was so turned on my heart couldn’t take it anymore. Now I’m fine, and I don’t regret. I enjoyed it all and no one will take it from me because this damn broad is hot.

The Voyeur
Coyoacan, Mexico City, 2002

Holy Heart, I thank you because my husband never found out that I used to get out quietly from the bed while he was sleeping very deeply and went to my brother-in-law’s room when he was visiting us. I ask for forgiveness since the flesh is weak and his youth made me feel the pleasure of being loved again. I fell into the sin because I felt forgotten by my husband when I really needed the love.

Desperate woman
Coyoacan, Mexico City — December 28, 2005

Miraculous Lord of the Column, we, Aido Salcido and my beloved Rocio Gonzalez, thank you for all your help. Yes, we are different and aren’t quite understood by others, but have nothing to hide. Now we live together and it seems that our families and the people begin to understand us.

Coyoacán — March 15, 1974

I thank the Virgin of Juquila for the viagra, so my painful illness went away and I could satisfy my wife in bed. Since no medicine had helped me before, I entrusted myself to you and tried the viagra. We’re very happy now, and our marriage is saved.

Roberto — Coyocan, Mexico City
December 5, 1999