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I asked you so much to not take my Maria when she had a heart attack. Crying, I implored you, Saint Jude Thaddeus, and you heard me, and now she’s healthy and happy. Grateful, I bring this retablo to you and promise to bring one every year while she lives.

Thank you Lord!
Agustin Ponce — Mexico City, December 28, 1970

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A young womanizer Genaro Ramirez lived his life surrounded by women. But when he decided to get married he had a heart attack and fell before the altar. The death caught up with him, his bride will never forget him.

July 13, 1960, Morelia, Michoacan

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for saving my fiancée from dying from a heart attack right at the altar during our wedding.

Jose Luis Jimenez Valdez
San Miguel de Allende
October 5, 1979

I dedicate this ex-voto to the Holy Heart of Jesus thanking for my wife never found out the truth why I had a heart attack. I used to spy at nights on my sister-in-law when she went to sleep. She stripped herself down and took photos with her phone. I was so turned on my heart couldn’t take it anymore. Now I’m fine, and I don’t regret. I enjoyed it all and no one will take it from me because this damn broad is hot.

The Voyeur
Coyoacan, Mexico City, 2002

Jorge Gutierrez had an idea to propose to his girlfriend dressing as clown without knowing that she is afraid of them. He thanks Saint Pancras with this retablo for he didn’t kill her with a heart attack.

When on November 2, 1999 I had a heart attack I felt the death was very close. I asked the Virgin of Guadalupe to save me from dying. I was taken to the hospital in time so I could avoid a dangerous surgery and got better with intensive therapy. I bring you this retablo and thank you for letting me get to the year 2000.

San Angel, Mexico City — January 6, 2000

On my 60th birthday, my friends brought me a cake that I thought was real. But suddenly, I almost had a heart attack when a half naked sexy dancer came out of it. I thank Saint Charbel for this scare didn’t lead to anything serious and I wouldn’t have ended my birthday in the hospital.

Ramon del Valle
Queretaro, Mexico

At the fair, Roberto Flores went to the hammer ride and had a heart attack. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for recovering and promises to be more cautious.

Holy Face, I thank you for your favors. They said that the abandoned house is so scary because they hanged one man there at the time of the Mexican revolution. I didn’t believe it until one day I got so frightened that my body was paralyzed. I went home and fell off the horse. I had a small heart attack. I give infinite thanks for I managed to save myself from death.

Jaime Moreno
Monterrey, Mexico, 1958

Holy Child of Atocha, I thank you for helping me that moment when I was so close to death. After my adversary jumped upon me and kicked me in the chest, I had a heart attack. Holy Child, I thank you for I survived.

Eduardo Lopez
Mexico City, 1957

The girl Rosita Fernandez thought it would be fun to blow the trumpet next to her sleeping dad. However, it caused him a heart attack and he was taken to the hospital. Rosita thanks for her father didn’t die and promises to not make such jokes again.

Adriana Guzman was participating in a sadomasochistic session when her master had a heart attack. She thanks Saint Charbel because thanks to her screams the help arrived, although she had some embarrassing moments.

Jose Robles offers this retablo to the Holy Child Doctor for helping him survive after a heart attack. He also thanks because he has people who take care of him.

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