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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for keeping me away from vices, women and pernicious habits. Also thank you because now I have my own cajon and with it I can earn a living for myself, my kids and my wife.

El Dandy
September 19, 1952

Soul in Purgatory, I thank you for helping me with my problem with women in bed which I had after I had been hit in balls.

Calixto Rojas
Mexico, 1980

May you be blessed, Our Mother of Guadalupe, for sending me relief from a strong hangover when I was vomiting with blood and feeling like death. I asked for saving my life and now I’m thanking you.

Felimon Roque
1990, Mexico

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I worked as a fire eater on the streets of Mexico and one day I accidentally burnt my mouth. I prayed to you, Virgin, for healing and you helped me. And now, thanks to your mercy, I’m back to earn my living.

April 30, 1998

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This is for you, Saint Sebastian, for saving me from Roger, a sexual maniac who invited me in his house. He knew that I was enamored of him. There he tied me. Then he beat, bit and tortured me. He almost killed me. Thank you for saving me. Now he is in prison.

Joaquin Salinas
Mexico, Las Lomas
September 8, 1990

Little boy Marco Antonio Huerta gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because El Santo beat The Red Demon. El Santo had promised, if he won the fight, to give his mask to the boy. The boy thanks because El Santo won and gave him his mask.

October 14, 1975
Mexico City

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Ciriaco Hernandez gives thanks to Soul in Purgatory because I’ve married to Suleima despite her saying that I was very skinny and couldn’t handle her. But I have tremendous sex with her and even tell her to get on top because I don’t feel any weight.

Mexico, March 17, 1988

I was in a rage after I had heard that Maria had neglected me and had decided to marry my best friend Artemio. The goddamn Devil climbed up on me and I stabbed Artemio. But when I saw death coming after him and when I realized that all this was only an infamous slender I prayed to God for saving Artemio’s life. In repentance I ask God for forgiveness and I offer this retablo for saving Artemio from death.

Xochimilco, Mexico, 1950

Saint Jude Thaddeus, I thank you because I find inspiration in wrestling to create paintings about traditions and fantasies of my Mexico that lives with folk tradition.

From Mexico to entire world.
A(lfredo) V(ilchis) R(oque)
Alley of miracles, Minas de Cristo. 2009

Virgin of Guadalupe, I offer you this retablo because I met a man who fell in love with me and saved me from the life of whore.

Marta Luna
Merced, Mexico City, 1990

I give thanks to the Holy Mother, Virgin of Guadalupe, for healing me from a damn infection that I caught when I went in the hotel with a prostitute.

Martin R.
Merced, Mexico City, 1959