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Luis Ramirez was caught by his wife while having sex with his neighbor. He thanks Holy Child of Atocha because the divorce wasn’t very expensive to him, although he caught an infection at this affair.

Julita Velasquez bought a sewing machine, but being unexperienced, she pierced her finger with the needle, and it got infected. She thanks Saint Teresa of Jesus for helping her to heal.

Ismael Rodrigues got so drunk that he lost his shoes. When he was going back home he cut his foot badly and infected it. He was in grave condition. He thanks Saint Pancras for helping him to get cured.

I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for delivering my banana plantation from a plague.

Antonio & Josefa P. Olivera
Quipapa, PE

Gino Rubert dedicates the present retablo to the Holy Father for hearing his prayers and giving his wife a fatal pulmonary infection because she was a very cruel and abusive person.

Mexico City, 2013

The sisters M. and R. loved having sex in the public baths until one day they both caught a severe infection. They thank Saint Marta for healing and promise to be less slutty.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for restoring my beloved husband’s health. He was dying because of this infection he got from the bullet. Holy Mother, Virgin of Guadalupe, I offer you this humble retablo thanking for this miracle.

Aurora Ramos
Toluca, Mexico, 1957

The boy Pablo Gonzalez was molesting the piglets of a pig. She got angry and bit his ankle. The parents thank Saint Augustine for the boy has been out of the hospital and got rid of the infection.

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Miss Adriana Telles caught a vaginal infection and couldn’t cure it. So she prayed to Saint Rita of Cascia and finally the infection went away. She brings this retablo thanking Saint Rita for she won’t embarrass herself anymore because of that horrible smell.

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Sara Gonzalez gossiped a lot. And one day her neighbor smeared the Sara’s face with shit. That gave her an eye infection. She thanks Saint Raymond for her recovery and promises to reform.

May you be blessed, Virgin of San Juan, for healing me from an infection I got from a prostitute. I also asked you so that my wife wouldn’t find out about this. I thank for that.

Felipe P.
Merced, 1995

Rogelio Mendez and Gloria Lopez got drunk and went to the mountains to have sex. But he was so drunk he climbed up the nopal cactus. He thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for he got cured from the infection that he got after multiple pricks.

J. H. caught a genital infection. It was unbearable, and since nothing helped her she prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe. She found a cure and didn’t die of a broken heart. She’s endlessly thankful for that.

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