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The doctor Felipe Suarez was caught in action with a nurse by his wife. He thanks Saint Raymond with the present retablo for the divorce didn’t ruin him completely and now he lives happily with the nurse.

Luis Ramirez was caught by his wife while having sex with his neighbor. He thanks Holy Child of Atocha because the divorce wasn’t very expensive to him, although he caught an infection at this affair.

Mother, there is your daughter, take care of her.
Daughter, there is your mother, love her.

Thank God I found my daughter who ran away after she had found that I was going to divorce her father. I didn’t think about pain I caused to her. I thought it over and I’m very sorry. Now, when I found her living on the streets, I give thanks because I saved her from the vice of drugs. I swear to take care of her and to give her love and affection as she deserves. I realized that motherhood is a blessing but also a responsibility.

M. G. P.
Mexico — March 8, 2004

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I became a widow when I was young. When my children grew up, got married and left, I felt lonely. I adopted some cats so that they would keep me a company. I gave so much love to my animals. One day my daughter got divorced and came back with my granddaughter to live with me. Now I’m even happier, because my granddaughter shares my love to the cats. We coddle them together. And I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for these moments of joy.