Father Jesus Nazarene

Padre Jesús Nazareno

10:30 pm, in the town of Pinotepa Nacional, the earth began to tremble, the buildings were collapsing, and the sky went green. I entrusted myself to the Father Jesus and avoided certain death. I dedicate the present small retablo in gratitude.

Plutarco Figueroa

2 a.m., I was driving my taxi around the Xonaca neighborhood. Then a young beautiful nicely-dressed girl stopped me and asked me to drive to a place which turned out to be the Municipal Cemetery. She payed me and left, but instead of going towards the houses near by, she went to the cemetery. She wasn’t quite walking, more like floating. My passenger was a dead girl, so in this danger situation I prayed Our Lord Jesus Nazarene for protection. Thank God, nothing terrible happened. I brings this as a testimony of what happened in Puebla on October 1932.

Filemon Garcia T.

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Petra Sanchez had no milk in her tities and couldn’t feed her son. She prayed to Father Jesus Nazarene, and the next morning she woke up with a lot of milk for which she infinitely thanks.

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Gino Rubert dedicates the present retablo to the Holy Father for hearing his prayers and giving his wife a fatal pulmonary infection because she was a very cruel and abusive person.

Mexico City, 2013

Juan Jose Ramos being drunk went to dance with cacti. He hurt himself terribly. He thanks Father Jesus for this divine lesson and promises to amend.

I went on vacation during the Holy Week. I was passing along the beach when I saw two very handsome guys playing in the sea. I start flirting with them and accidentally step on a lobster. The lobster pinched my leg, defending itself. I thank Jesus Nazarene for the cut wasn’t very serious. I promise not to flier on holy days.

Adelaida Ortega
Merida, Yucatan

The representative Luis del Valle received some uncomfortable questions about his homosexual past from a journalist. Luis honestly confessed and now he is much happier, although his political career has ended. He thanks Father Jesus for giving him the courage to live without lies.

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Ricardo Palacios was coming back home after a party and ran into some drunkards. They sprinkled him with gasoline and tried to put him on fire. He thanks Jesus Nazarene because he managed to escape.

1958, I went to Tepeaca to sell my goods at the town square. But the bus’ brakes broke down. I entrusted myself to the Father Jesus, and we arrived without any accident. I give thanks for such a big favor.

Dominga Perez

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Raul Menendez opened his hot dog & hamburgers stand and entrusted himself to Father Jesus. And his business is going wonderfully. He offers this retablo and thanks for such a big help.