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Thank you, Holy Child of Atocha, for your favors. I was talking with Mariana about our decision to live together. We were staying near the cabaret where she worked and where we had met each other. Suddenly I felt acute pain in my chest. It was the Mariana’s ex-pimp who shot me. But thanks to the saint the bullet didn’t hit the heart but split my collarbone. After that I asked at my work to transfer me to Monterrey where we started our new life.

Lorenzo Lozada
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 1962

I thank Saint Anthony for giving me enough strength to hit this bastard who tried to rape me in the balls. I was able to save my honor.

Señorita Soledad Castillo Garcia
Mexico City, 1973

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Holy Shroud, thank you for your help. I was leaving my house to go to put some money in the bank. That moment, a man came out a car and open the trunk. He showed me a drawn plan and asked me about one street. He saw that I was carrying documents in my hand. Suddenly, another man grabbed me, gagged me and pushed into the car. They were beating me on the way and took all my money. I thank for I wasn’t killed.

Sofia Moreno
Mexico City, 1966

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The soldier Juan Perez got involved with the daughter of the general, and her father caught them in act. He thanks Saint Charbel with this retablo because the general didn’t kill him and only gave him tremendous beating.

After many years of marriage, my wife began throwing tantrums. I couldn’t predict when and why she would get angry. Sometimes she could hit me with any object she would have in her hand—a pan, a broom or something else. It was scary one time she had a knife. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and she made a real miracle. Few weeks later my wife was back to normal as she had been before, and now she doesn’t get angry anymore.

In 1915 in San Camilo my buddy caught me on the mat with his wife. He started to shoot at us. I give infinite thanks to Saint Raymond because bullets didn’t hit me. She took them all.

Cristobal Ramirez came home drunk and smelling of whores. His wife got pissed off and threw the working iron at him while he was in the bath. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for he survived and only stutters. And his wife is in jail.

When my girlfriend and I were walking in the park, a stunning blonde girl passed near by. I couldn’t help it and looked at her legs. Bad luck, my girlfriend noticed it and gave me a tremendous blow in the head. I thank Saint Marta because I managed to talk it over with my girlfriend so she didn’t dump me over this embarrassing misunderstanding.

Joaquin Herrera
Tampico, Tamaulipas

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because the hospital cleaning lady arrived right in time before the doctor would have raped me taking advantage of my helpless condition.

Conchita Benitez Rojas
Chimaltenango, 1967

Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for your favors. I got involved with a real psychopath without knowing it. Suddenly he became mad with no reason. He was speaking incoherently and asking me whom I’d been cheating on him with. I told my father about Javier but he answered me that it was my fault that I’d got mixed up with a man like him. In the end, Javier stripped me down, tied my arms around a tree and flogged me. My father was coming by, he saw Javier beating me and shoot him in the leg. I was saved.

Maria Zoto
Tlaxcala, 1969

Gino Rubert dedicates the present retablo to the Holy Father for hearing his prayers and giving his wife a fatal pulmonary infection because she was a very cruel and abusive person.

Mexico City, 2013

The ice cream man thanks Saint Nicholas of Bari because he helped him so the ice cream mafiosi didn’t get him out. I didn’t join their organization, so they start to throng dow my ice creams. I ask Saint Nicholas for help, and the Tick Man miraculously came to help me. He protected me from the attackers. Thanks to him, I can keep selling my ice cream without any problem.

Mexico City, 2010

When I got lost, I was attacked. They tried to take my taxi—my only way to earn money after I’d been fired from Ruta 100 (public transport company). I prayed the Angel of Justice, and the attackers suddenly ran away in fear without doing me any harm. I knew it was you, Angel, who scared them away. That’s why I offer this retablo to you, to the protector of all Mexico City’s taxi drivers. It happened in the biggest city in the world—Mexico City.

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