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Virgin of San Juan, for helping me to get through a dangerous surgery on my stomach, I thank you. I was stabbed by my husband who thought I was cheating on me with another man. My life was in danger.

Irene, Jalisco, Mexico
September 19, 2000

Artemio Mendosa brings this retablo thanking the Virgin of San Juan for protecting him from the bullets of a peon and playing a dirty trick on himself instead because he was killed by a venomous viper.

Puebla, 1908

There was a colleague of mine who was envious of me because my breast is bigger than hers and for that I got more clients. She was pestering me, and the other night I couldn’t take it no more and we grabbed each other by the hair. I thank Saint Ignatius of Loyola because I won the fight and she stopped bothering me. Now I can work at my corner in peace.

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Catarino Pantoja was in a tavern when his beloved ones began fighting each other. They two ended up in the hospital, along with the baby. Catarino thanks the Merciful Lord with this retablo because all three have already come out of the hospital and he managed to get rid of them.

Puebla, 1914

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I thank the Holy Heart for such a great good deed. I was on a trip to the Skull island in the Pacific looking for new species. There we caught an incredible huge ape called King Kong. We took him to New York to show to the people but he escaped leaving deaths and destruction. He grabbed me, without hurting me, and took me with him to the top of the highest skyscraper in the city. He was shot down, and my life was saved.

New York, 1934

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Thanks to you I could escape from my old lady who wanted to beat me. I just said that her food lacked salt, and she went mad. Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe.

Victor, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1969

I was at the slaughter in Ciudad Juarez on April 2 and survived because I hid myself under the corpse of the Immaculate Conception who took all the bullets shot at me. I thank you, the Pure, for protecting me from certain death.

April 10, 1996

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I thank you, Virgin of the Solitude, for saving my life when the old man my neighbor caught me in his house and started shooting at me. Thanks to you I could escape with nary a scratch, just frightened.

Jasinto Lopez, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1968

Rogelio Dominguez fell a victim of a crazy maniac whom I fell in love with in the office. He tricked me to get to his house where he tied and beat me.

Mexico, March 19, 1987

I thank you, Virgin of Juquila, for delivering me from dying when I was attacked by two bastards on my way back after having walked my girlfriend home. They didn’t succeed in killing me thanks to the boys who ran over to defend me.

Barrio Norte, Mexico City, March 16, 1996

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We thank the Holy Virgin of the Rosary from Talpa for the great miracle she made for us. We were attacked and threatened with death in Sinaloa, but we all escaped alive. We are very grateful.

Adolfo and Gloria Peña and children
October 23, 2009

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Señora Sandra Robledo was constantly having a dream in which she was raped by two devils. She prayed a lot to Saint Pancras, and those nightmares disappeared. She brings the present retablo in gratitude for this favor.

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We thank you, Virgin of Carmel, for saving us from my old lady who wanted to kill us only for chatting and making us comfortable.

Jose and girlfriend, Oaxaca, Mexico