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The ice cream man thanks Saint Nicholas of Bari because he helped him so the ice cream mafiosi didn’t get him out. I didn’t join their organization, so they start to throng dow my ice creams. I ask Saint Nicholas for help, and the Tick Man miraculously came to help me. He protected me from the attackers. Thanks to him, I can keep selling my ice cream without any problem.

Mexico City, 2010

When I got lost, I was attacked. They tried to take my taxi—my only way to earn money after I’d been fired from Ruta 100 (public transport company). I prayed the Angel of Justice, and the attackers suddenly ran away in fear without doing me any harm. I knew it was you, Angel, who scared them away. That’s why I offer this retablo to you, to the protector of all Mexico City’s taxi drivers. It happened in the biggest city in the world—Mexico City.

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Jacinto Torres was beaten in the park for speaking out his political views. He thanks Saint James because the authorities took measures and arrested the attackers.

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Juana dedicates this humble retablo to the Lord of the Column for Juvencio who got five bullets in the stomach from the soldiers of the garrison at Celaya for having deserted. I found him almost dead and prayed the Lord for protection. He heard me, and I thank him with this retablo for what happened that morning on April 15, 1922.

My neighbors were gossiping that my friend tried to seduce my husband. One day. when I met her during my laundry I grabbed her hair. Thanks to Saint Raymond, those rumors were lies. I made up with my friend, and the gossiping neighbors won’t upset us anymore.

Francisca Cruz, 1988

The janitor Roberto Mendoza was rude to a boxer, and the boxer couldn’t take it and, with a right powerful punch, sent Roberto to the hospital. He thanks Saint John Bosco for this lesson and promises to not be a clown anymore.

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1914, on my way from Tepiac to the ranch in Torija, I was attacked by three men from Santa Cruz. They tied me to a tree and scourged me. I entrusted myself to Saint Michael the Archangel and now thank him for saving me from death.

Aniseto Peres

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Lord of Chalma, thank you because my wife with my kids have returned to me. She left me because I used to get drunk, to spend all days in the bar and to beat her and kids, when I came home. When I was all alone, as a dog, I realized I couldn’t live without them. I stopped drinking and begged her with tears to come back. There have been 10 years without me drinking.

Jeronimo Urbina
Tacubaya, Mexico City, 1990

I thank Our Lady of Sienna because I escaped from a vicious ape with only minor injuries.

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The cousins Ramon and Jose Lopes were fighting and one of them in fury sprinkled insecticides in the face of another one. The sprinkled kid was in bad condition. His parents thank Saint John Bosco for it didn’t get serious.

Señora Maria del Rosario Toxtle from Tetela del Volcan heard a loud noise at 2 a.m. She went out and saw a man in a helmet killing her sheep and sucking blood from them. When the extraterrestrial saw that he was noticed, he grabbed his bag and flew up in the air to his flying saucer. Señora thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for protection and brings this retablo as testimony.


Violeta Perez got in a fight with another prostitute over the place on a corner. She thanks Saint John Bosco because she ended up the winner, and she brings this retablo.

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Enrique Perez didn’t pay his gambling debt in time. The collectors came to him and severely broke his knee. He thank the Virgin of San Juan for his recovery, and he borrowed money to pay out.