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Pablo Andrade was taken for dead, and they already start reading a funeral service. He testifies his gratitude to Saint James with this retablo because he woke up before he was buried, although he scared his sister so she ended up in the hospital.

Gudelio Sanchez thanks the Holy Child of Atocha. His grandfather was dying but suddenly got up from the mat. Turned out he hadn’t breathed his last. Grandfather scared them all, so they shit their pants.

Huejutla, 1924

Nicolasa Huerta gave birth to her baby who turned out to be dead. She asked Saint John of the Cross for a help, and her baby was back to live. She brings this retablo in sign of her infinite gratitude for this great miracle.

Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, 1909

I thank the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe because my little Martincito became like a dead. We were ready to keep a vigil over him, we had prepared the veil, the flowers, had made his hair, and then the dead baby began to cry. I thank for this divine miracle.

Ernestina Sanchez

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She was born October 15, 1873. She was 12 years 3 months and 15 days old when she died in January of 1885, at 10:30 am. And at 10 p.m., during the vigil for her, she rose from the dead with help and mercy of All-Holy God. We bring this retablo for the miracle.

Cabora, Sonora

Teresa Urrea (1873–1906), also known as Santa Teresa of Cabora, was a mexican folk healer. She experienced religious visions and believed she had the gift of healing.

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The Ramirez Lopez family thanks Saint Jerome because their uncle turned out to be alive, although he scared the hell out of everybody when he awoke and rose from the coffin.

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Fausto Ceballos died on July 23, 1961. His wife prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan for not taking her husband away from her. And during the all-night vigil, Fausto suddenly came back to life. The wife thanks the Virgin for her husband wasn’t buried alive and for her mother-in-law didn’t die out of shock.