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That day, February 13, 1944, the bull Zapatero hooked Silverio Perez between his legs and threw him over the head on the ground. Silverio got hurt badly. Then the bull kept dragging him all over the arena. We were all praying the Virgin of Guadalupe for Silverio. We were feeling his pain as ours because he had brought glory to us. We thanks for Silverio is recovered.

His fellow townsmen from Texcoco
May 10, 1944

Retablo by

Some bastards came to sing serenade to my daughter when she was home alone. They wanted to seduce her, but thanks to the Virgin of San Juan’s intervention I came right in this moment and chased them away with bullets. Fortunately, I didn’t shoot anyone, only scared them. My daughter didn’t lose her honor, and I thanking for that with this retablo.

Mario Nuñez P.
Texcoco, Mexico, 1947