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One night, my sister Lupa and I were returning home from our aunt Josefina across de la Gloria ranch. Then two strangers started following us. They start hitting on us, and they seemed to have bad intentions. We got scared and entrusted our honor to the Virgin of Zapopan. She made so some workers from the ranch came on our way, and the strangers went away without attacking our virtue. We thank for that.

Apizaco, Tlaxcala, 1967

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I thank Saint Anthony for giving me enough strength to hit this bastard who tried to rape me in the balls. I was able to save my honor.

Señorita Soledad Castillo Garcia
Mexico City, 1973

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Some bastards came to sing serenade to my daughter when she was home alone. They wanted to seduce her, but thanks to the Virgin of San Juan’s intervention I came right in this moment and chased them away with bullets. Fortunately, I didn’t shoot anyone, only scared them. My daughter didn’t lose her honor, and I thanking for that with this retablo.

Mario Nuñez P.
Texcoco, Mexico, 1947

I thank Saint Anthony for giving me enough strength to kick in the balls of the bastard who wanted to rape me. In this way I was able to save my honor.

Soledad Castillo Guevara
Mexico City, 1975

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