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Holy Virgin, help us with this new superhero.

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My son David loved to dream and imagine himself as superhero. It sure distracted him at school. When he did the homework he was dreaming about heroical acts also. Then suddenly he started studying hard and has become the first in his class. Turned out his friend told him that a superhero need a flying supercar, and one should be a great scientist to build that. So it means to study a lot. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this change.

Since my son began to read comics he got an idea that he was also a superhero. One day he tied a tablecloth around his neck and climbed the tallest tree in our garden. When I saw him ready to jump, I ran to him invoking the Virgin of Zapopan. By a miracle he landed softly on the grass, and I could swear he even flew a little bit. I made him promise me to not do such thing again, and I hope he’ll keep his word.

The ice cream man thanks Saint Nicholas of Bari because he helped him so the ice cream mafiosi didn’t get him out. I didn’t join their organization, so they start to throng dow my ice creams. I ask Saint Nicholas for help, and the Tick Man miraculously came to help me. He protected me from the attackers. Thanks to him, I can keep selling my ice cream without any problem.

Mexico City, 2010

Gerardo Montiel offers this retablo to Saint Patrick thanking him because he played the spiderman very well.

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The superhero Squirrel Woman was fighting with two criminals when suddenly the third one hit her in the back. She lost her conscience. When she came back to her senses she asked for superior help, and thank to the Sorrowful Virgin of Memories she could get up and catch the scoundrels.

Apizaco, Tlaxcala, 1974

After having a very high fever, my husband imagined himself as a superhero from comics. He tried to fly to save the world. I was afraid he’d going to kill himself and I prayed to Saint Peter Martyr. Saint patron of the lunatics, thank you for my husband was back to reason so I don’t have to run on the roofs after him to stop him from flying. Although when he becomes very affectionate at night, he enjoys putting his superhero costume on.

The boy Sergio Gutierrez gives thanks to Saint Juan Bosco with this retablo because his parents bought him the Batman costume that he always wanted. Now he is the sensation of the neighborhood.

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The children from Saint Nicholas School thank Saint Nicholas because Spiderman was at their party and they had a lot of fun.

Gaspar Zarate felt himself as Superman and he threw himself from a second floor in order to impress the ladies. But he only broke both of his legs and few ribs. He thanks St. Jerome, for he is receiving treatment and his injuries have been healed.

My son Miguel didn’t pay any attention at the class and only dreamt about superheroes. The teacher was always angry with him because he didn’t learn and I started to preoccupied that my little son would stay stupid forever. Thanks to Our Lady of Zapopan, who heard my prayers, the teacher was changed, and the new one brought to Miguel comic books about superheroes. He started to read them with interest and learned to read quite rapidly. I offer this retablo to the Virgin.