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I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Thomas Aquinas for the literary fecundity of Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz. Not a long time ago I participated in a poetry contest in my town and I took the first prize for reading one of her poems.

Soledad Castillo, Mexico

Allen Ginsberg and Jesus Christ talking about poetry.

Retablo by

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When I was overwhelmed with problems in my life, a poetry book appeared near my bed. I got down to read it and I discovered that the poetry gives me wings and makes me fly free like a bird towards the immensity. Since then when I get sad or have a problem I submerge in the poetry and I forget for a while about everything and feel myself like a pure spirit without mundane burdens. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for this comfort.

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I loved to read poetry aloud to feel the resonance of the words. But my husband and children didn’t want to know a thing about poetry and ran away. One day I went near henhouse to read alone. Chicken and hens came to me and sat around to listen. Ever sine I go to read to the chicken, and it seems they are always enjoying the poetry. I thank the Virgin for the miracle of giving me this audience.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for leaving a poetry book near me when I had more problems and sadness than ever. I realized that the poetry gives me wings and makes me free as a bird flying in the immensity. Every time I feel sad or have a problem I submerge in the poetry and forget about everything for a while. I become a pure spirit.

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I took Dorita for a boat ride down the river. I planed to read her some poetry and declare my love to her. But when we passed the old cemetery down the river we saw dead men. They had come out their grave and were dancing, gathering flowers and waving to us. Dorita was so frightened that I though she’d never accept my proposal after this ride. However, thank to the Virgin of Guadalupe she agreed to marry me despite everything.

I loved to go on the mountain to read. One day I was so captivated by the beautiful poems, I was reading without paying any attention. I went to the edge and almost fell of the cliff. But my dog stopped me by pulling my dress. I was saved. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for such an attentive and smart dog.

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I love to read poetry aloud, but my husband and my kids didn’t like it. I went to read under a tree. I noticed that the animals came to listen the sweetness and the power of the worlds I pronounced. I got an attentive audience of the animals and even the birds that surrounded me. I thank Saint Francis for this amazing miracle that makes me happy.

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