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My husband used to come home very tired. He had no energy for intimate things, and that worried me. I prayed Saint Thomas Aquinas for help, and the next day my friend gave me a seafood recipe. I prepared it, and it turned out to be a very strong aphrodisiac. It gave so much power to my husband that we had a great night of unbridled passion, for which I thank.

Ana Rodriguez ~ Veracruz

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I’m infinitely grateful to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for helping me every day with so many clients who buy my tamales. I didn’t have a job and by a chance found my mother’s recipe of tamales with mole, pickled peppers and sweet green sauce. And the people of the town like the taste of it.

Carmelo Lopez \ Atlixco, Puebla

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Gerardo Morales thanks Saint Charbel with all his heart because he inherited his grad-father’s secret meat recipe which he could use in his small taqueria. It gave a great taste to the tacos, and the clients enjoyed it very much. He dedicates this retablo for such a miracle.

Mexico City

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I thank Saint Martin the Cavalryman for helping me with so many customers who come to buy my tamales. I had no job and then I suddenly found my mother’s recipe of tamales with mole, rajas and sweet green sauce. The people love it very much.

Cresencio Dominguez
Zacatlan, Puebla

We were going through difficulties with maintenance of the convent. But I had an idea to prepare and sell mole using my grandmother’s recipe. I thank Saint Paschal Baylon because it has been sold vey well and, thanks to his divine intervention, we can move on financially. May you be blessed.

Sister Clemetina
Puebla, Puebla

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I inherited marvelous secret recipes from my grand-grandmother Rosa. But I thought they would gonna die with me, because none of my daughters liked to prepare elaborate dishes. I thank the Virgin for my granddaughter Maria Luisa is interested in cooking. She enjoyed preparing food and learning how to do it better. So now I have a heir for my recipes.