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One night I camped in the mountains. I made a fire to keep it warm and to keep the wolves away and went to sleep. But when the fire got out the wolves came closer. I woke up because they were grunting near me. I was scared, and I entrusted myself to the Blessed Sacrament asking for help. Then a marvelous miracle happened. A circle of light surrounded me. When one wolf tried to enter inside the circle, it howled from a terrible pain and ran away. It scared the others wolves away. They left me in peace, and I thank for that miracle.

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One full moon night, Antonio Gonzalez was coming back home and met two werewolves. They were apparently hungry and started to chase him. Antonio thanks Saint Quiteria for his horse ran faster than the wind and with the saint’s protection he managed to escape from these damned creatures.

My son’s godfather used to turn into a werewolf during the full moon because he had been bitten by one. When his wife got sick and I had to visit her every night, I took a lot of sausages and stakes so the werewolf wouldn’t attack us. Thanks to the Virgin of the Rosary he did never bite me nor my son.

Ramon Garcia was hunting for deers and was attacked by a wolf. Ramon thanks Saint Jude with this retablo because he managed to chase the wolf away although it hurt him a little.

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A wolf was killing the sheep of the farmer Tomas Gomez. The farmer thanks Saint Anthony the Abbot for he was able to caught the wolf alive. Afterwards the animal was sent to an ecological reserve.