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I thank the Lord of the Miracles for I found my son Jacinto Torres. He was kidnapped by a drunk who treated him badly and forced him to beg money.

Maria Lopez
April 30, 1931 — Uruapan, Michoacan

I was doing laundry and fell asleep. Suddenly I was awoken by my dog barking. I opened my eyes and saw some martians trying to tie me and take me to their ship. I started screaming. The extraterrestrials got scared and ran away. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for my dog woke me up in time and, I think, even bit those martians.

My wife heard a strange noise. She went outside to look what happened. Suddenly she was caught by a nagual. He took her and ran to the corn field. She was scared, she started praying to the Virgin of the Rosary of Talpa. The nagual stopped to eat some crickets, and that moment my wife could escape. She locked herself in the house. Now, when we hear some noise at nights, we do not go out. We thank the Virgin.

June 15, 1968, I was buying vegetables at the market, when a crazy woman stole my baby. I was crying desperately and prayed to the Virgin of San Juan. I was lucky because two market women caught that crazy woman and brought my baby back. I thank the saint patroness.

Teresa Martinez de Rodriguez

A nagual turned into a dragon and tried to abduct Meche, the most beautiful girl in the town. But Meche said the powerful name of the Virgin of Guadalupe at loud, and the nagual got scared and vanished like smoke.

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Roberto B. was kidnapped and held for 10 days. But thanks to his deep faith to the Virgin of Guadalupe he managed to hold out until he was saved by the police forces. He dedicates this retablo in gratitude.

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I saw a glowing light. I went to see what it was. Suddenly some strange creatures appeared. They began to tie me up with cords that looked like worms. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I was able to escape and didn’t end as a guinea-pig for extraterrestrials.

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On our way to Tepoztlan, we met a group of green martians. They wanted to stop us. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe we escaped, so they didn’t catch us.

October 16, 1967

1914, the train was attacked by the Villistas near Chihuahua. They took my wife and my mother-in-law. I hid myself and entrusted myself to the Holy Child of Atocha to whom I gave thanks because they didn’t see me.

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An extraterrestrial landed near our house and began to hypnotize my son in order to abduct him. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe our dog began bark. It distracted the extraterrestrial, and my son was able to run into the house. And the extraterrestrial took only a hypnotized chicken.

My parents forced me to marry a rich landowner whom I didn’t love. However on the day of the wedding, Jesus Lopez, whom I always loved, came back to the town. He abducted me right in front of the church and took me on his horse. I thank the Blessed Sacrament because we’ll be happy now.

Jasinto Perez was drinking under the shadow of a tree. Suddenly martians arrived. They took Jasinto and carried him to their space ship. Jasinto was frightened and he started to pray Saint Barbara for help. Then the miracle happened. The Saint herself appeared before the martians and attacked them with the sword. The martians dropped Jasinto and ran to the ship. Jasinto gives thank fro that.

Saint Jude, I ask you and don Cenobio to forgive me, but I had to kidnap Martina.

Javier Bueno

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