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Thank you, the Virgin of the Solitude, for saving me from dying on August 28, when I was hit by a current while checking a transformer at my neighborhood.

Jose Manuel Espinosa
Mexico City — 3th September 2002

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Ruben Torres thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for surviving after being hit by a current while repairing the wires on a pole. He brings this retablo thanking the Holy Virgin for this favor.

January 25, 1990

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Fernando G. came home drunk. There we no light in the house, so he decided to change a bulb. He was hit by an electric current instead—he fell and broke his leg. He thanks Saint Charbel with this retablo for his recovery and for this accident made him stop drinking.

The little boy Felipe Lopez had a marvelous idea to put a knife in at a socket. He was hit by a current. His parents thank the Virgin of the Solitude because, despite their son stuttering, nothing serious happened. They ask for his quick recovery.

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for protecting me. I had no light in my house, and since the electric company wouldn’t do anything, I decided to fix the wiring. While I was working I was hit by current and hanged on the pole. Thank goodness the pole strap kept me from falling.

Ernesto Castro
Mexico City, 1968

Jasinto Gonzalez was hit by current when he was on the roof hanging his washing and accidentally touched one of the cables. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders for saving his life.

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I thank the Lord Jesus Christ because I can take hot baths again after almost three months without electricity and water.

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I had a huge problem. When I met a nice guy, it all was going well until we went on a romantic date. When they tried to hug me or even grab my hand, I suddenly became electric and shocked them with electricity. After the shock every man ran away from me. I prayed to the Virgin because I didn’t want to be an old maid. She worked a miracle and made my charge less harmful, leaving me with a soft magnetic attraction. Now I have a boyfriend, and I thank the Virgin.