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When we were returning from the work, my buddy Simon and I had a chilling encounter near the cemetery walls. A headless bride appeared to us. She was wondering looking for her lover. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the ghost didn’t see us and passed by blasting us with freezing air. I’ve got more gray hairs after that, and Simon now stutters.

Marcela and her boyfriend Armando were kissing under a tree when the ghost of the Weeping Woman appeared to them. She approached them and began weeping and crying. Marcela was so scared she got sick after the scene. She couldn’t stop stutter for three days. sSe didn’t want to die because of the stutter, and she got pain in her stomach also, so she prayed the Holy Child of Atocha. Thanks to the saint she got recovered, the fear and the stutter have gone.

Pedro Telles was spying on his neighbor from the roof; and one day he was struck by a lightning. WIth this retablo, he thanks the Holy Child of Atocha because he didn’t die, although he often stutters.

Cristobal Ramirez came home drunk and smelling of whores. His wife got pissed off and threw the working iron at him while he was in the bath. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for he survived and only stutters. And his wife is in jail.

I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception hoping she will help me to do well at my new job oaf announcer on television. Sometimes I get nervous, begin to stutter and sweat a lot. I hope my bosses at the Canal 4 would be pleased with me.

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My granddaughters were playing dressing up in the attic. Anita put on the wedding dress of my great aunt in which she’d died of love. Suddenly her ghost appeared because her dress was desecrated. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary for the girls escaped from the ghost, their fear has gone and they don’t stutter anymore.

The little boy Felipe Lopez had a marvelous idea to put a knife in at a socket. He was hit by a current. His parents thank the Virgin of the Solitude because, despite their son stuttering, nothing serious happened. They ask for his quick recovery.