Flor Palomares

I liked señorita Leonor del Castillo very much because she was the prettiest girl in town. But she was infamous for being very arrogant and strict with her suitors. That’s why I prayed Saint Anthony, and he worked a miracle for me so she accepted my courtship.

Fausto Reinoso — Aguascalientes

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November 2, Fidencio and Laureano Trejo went to the cemetery to drink and met a mister who sat on a grave. He wanted to give them a chest full of gold so they would keep enjoying their sin, but suddenly the brothers realized it was a dead man who was speaking with them. They implored Saint Benedict for help to protect them and not to let anything happen to them. They promise to cut down on booze and respect the dead.

Oaxaca, Mexico

I was coming back from fishing in my boat when I accidentally got myself into a part of lake I didn’t know well. Suddenly I stumbled upon three huge crocodiles. I got very scared because I had nothing to defend myself. That’s why I implored Saint Francis of Assisi for help, and then, by a miracle, those dangerous animals went away. I give thanks for that.

Rufino Villanueva — Tabasco, Mexico

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The huehue dance group from Xanaca neighborhood dedicate the present retablo to Saint Rita of Cascia with deep gratitude for granting them health to be able to participate in the Carnival celibrations the last year when they performed the traditional huehue dance for joy of children and adults.


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I love spicy food, but my Conchita was always overdoing it by putting too much chili in her dishes. I asked Saint Paschal for his divine help because I couldn’t take this devilish burning her food gave me. Now my wife knows to put the right amount of chili.

Casiano Hernandez ~ Puebla, Mexico

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There was a lady who was always going to see the wrestling, and, whenever she saw me fighting against the good guys, she used to curse me and kick me with her umbrella because she thought I was bad and cruel for real. I thank Saint James the Apostle for I managed to talk with her in private to explain that I’m only playing a bad character but I’m not really like this. Now we are friends.

Hell Warrior Jr. — Coacalco, State of Mexico

Manuel Rincon thanks Saint Martin the Cavalryman with all his heart because he inherited his grad-father’s secret meat recipe which he could use in his small taqueria. It gave a great taste to his tacos, and the clients enjoyed it very much. He dedicates this retablo for such a miracle.

Mexico City

Edith and I were friends since childhood. But when I presented her my new boyfriend, he told me that she flirted with him. I believe him, because I loved him, and I lashed out against my friend. I thank Saint Charbel because we found out that he played with both of us and we didn’t lose our precious friendship over this jerk.

Alma Suarez — Puebla, Mexico

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At the Christmas party in the neighborhood, I put too much liquor in my punch. Since I was getting tipsy, I came where doña Juanita was about to hit the piñata and she gave me such a tremendous kick in the head that I even saw stars. I give thanks to the Lord of the Wonders because nothing serious happened to me and I only got a lump. I promise not to drink so much on December holidays.

Lucio Pacheco

Since I lived in my grand-mommy’s house, whenever I had a girlfriend and invited her to the house, my grand-mommy would kick her out because she wouldn’t let me have girls until she decided so. In my 25, she treated me like a boy. I give thanks to the Holy Child of Atocha for I finally began to live alone and finally can live my life freely.

Brayan Perez, Puebla

I’m infinitely thankful to Saint Anthony of Padua, with the present retablo, for bringing back my Ponciano alive. He was gone with general Zapata’s troops to fight and I was afraid I’d never see him again. But now we are together and happy with our six kids.

Clementina Cruz ~ Chilpancingo, Guerrero

With the present retablo, I thank the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for Frida Kahlo’s tenacity and will to live. In spite of her illness and physical pain that troubled her all her life, she had courage and talent to express her feelings through her art which remains valid till our days.

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My mother-in-law always criticized my food because she didn’t like me as a daughter-in-law. It was very difficult for me when we were eating. I was in such despair so I entrusted myself to Saint Paschal. Little by little she changed her attitude towards me. Now she even admits that I cook very well, and we live in holy peace. May you be blessed.

Venustiana Tlachi

Chignahuapan, Puebla