Saint Sebastian de Aparicio

San Sebastián de Aparicio

The farmer Angulo Barbosa was worrying because he had no money to buy seeds. He entrusted himself to Saint Sebastian de Aparicio, and the next day he met the artists Frida who lent him the necessary sum. He gives infinite thanks for such an extraordinary favor.

Puebla, 1942

Gregorio Perez got into a house to rob it but got stuck in the chimney on his way out. He thanks Saint Sebastian de Aparicio with this retablo for he was given short time in prison and promises to amend his ways.

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Marcos Tepox was coming back home from fork late at night. She was driving on the plateau near San Nicolás de Los Ranchos, between two volcanoes. Suddenly a flying man with wings appeared to him. He flew by the car for a long time, although the speed was over 100 km/h. Marcos got scared and entrusted himself to Saint Sebastian de Aparicio.


I give infinite thanks to Saint Sebastian de Aparicio with the present retablo because I could find a good job near my house. Before I had to take the subway few times every day. I suffered a lot with all the touching, groping and pushing and, on top of that, with the smell of the people who wouldn’t bath. Now I’m done with this torment.

Cecilia Godinez, Mexico City

Armando B. loved experimenting with his girlfriend in bed. But one day she put a strap-on on in order to fuck Armando. He thanks Saint Sebastian de Aparicio for having the courage to send her to hell. Now he has a normal girlfriend.

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My mother-in-law Tamborina Sanchez Aldama used to put false ideas in my wife’s head. She was telling her that I might have another family, that I was flirting with other women, that I was spending all my money for booze, and other stupid things. One day she was in hurry to get to our house to tell my wife that I had a son on the side. But she had an accident at the corner. There were sewerage works going on and she didn’t notice an opened manhole which she fell into. She was in come when they got her out. I thank Saint Sebastian de Aparicio for that. Now her lies won’t ruin my marriage. Besides, everything she had been telling about me eventually turned out to be just fantasies in her head—which by a true miracle doesn’t function anymore.

Apolonio Rosas de Cacho
Teteles de Avila Castillo, Puebla, 1996

3 a.m., three young guys asked the taxi driver Marcos Martinez for a ride. They said they were going to the center of Coatzacoalcos. Then they asked to turn on the Diaz Miron avenue. When they reach the destination, the guys attacked the taxi driver and hid him in the trunk. At the end they left the car in a distant neighborhood. Marcos was praying to Saint Sebastian of Aparicio, and the locals heard the noises and hits from the trunk at the sunrise. They called police, and they saved the taxi driver. Marcos dedicates this retablo for that.

Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, 1979

Anastacio Perez fell asleep in the bathhouse and got overheated. He thanks Saint Sebastian de Aparicio for his nephew saved him in time.

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The marigold vendor entrusted himself to Saint Sebastian de Aparicio and brings him this retablo for the good sales on the Day of the Dead.

Yolanda Rivera was caught by the police when she was swimming in a fountain. She thanks Saint Sebastian de Aparicio with this retablo because she spent only one night in jail. She promises to not be such an exhibitionist.

Rosita Ortega was duped into buying a car with defects. She implored Saint Sebastian de Aparicio and he made that the authorities helped to recover her money. She thanks for that with this retablo.

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