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Marcelo “El Torito” Dominguez thanks Saint Charbel for having won the boxing championship in light heavyweight. The saint has been giving him his divine help since the beginning of his career in the Tepito neighborhood. He brings this humble retablo for that.

Mexico City

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When I was returning after a concert, I ran into some bastards who tried to mug me. But they got nothing from me. Then one of them pulled out a gun and put it to my head. I grabbed him and took the gun, but the other one stabbed me. I fell feeling pretty bad. Those two were definitely high. Then the first guy picked up the gun and was going to finish me. That moment, I prayed the Archangel of Justice. Suddenly my pal appeared, and those two ran away, without killing me. Good thing you stopped them in time, pal.

Tepito, Mexico City

29-years old Karla The Indian, a transsexual show performer, thanks the Virgin.

Tepito, Mexico, 2008

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Jeno Martines thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for his tattoos.

Tepito, Mexico — November 21, 2007

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