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That tragic day—Tuesday, July 17, 1928—when I was attending a big banquet in “La Bombilla” restaurant honoring the elected president Alvaro Obregon who, being curious about some drawings shown to him, look at them, and Leon Toral killed him. After the shock, I entrusted his life to Christ the King, and he will forgive that young man because only God and he himself know why he did it.

Jesus Cristobal, waiter at the place
San Angel, Mexico

Tavern “Delicious fatty”

I dedicate this retablo as a sign of gratitude to Saint Paschal Baylon for giving my dishes the right taste and for a pretty waitress for the benefit of my tavern.

Chef Patiño

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Graciela Ramos got a job as a waitress in a gentlemen club. But she was invited so many times for a drink she was becoming an alcoholic. She gives infinite thanks to Saint Rita with the present retablo for finding strength to quit the nightlife.

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I dedicate this humble retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe with eternal gratitude for saving the life of my son Manuel. He worked as a waiter in a restaurant in the World Trade Center, but on that September 11 he woke up sick and didn’t go to the work. Thanks to this miracle the Virgin saved him for me. My mother, I ask you for eternal rest for those innocent souls who died on that tragic day.

Socorro Alvarez

Agustin Meneses has a bar which was going bankrupt because of lack of clients. Then he decided to put topless waitresses. He thanks Saint Jude with the present retablo because a lot of people come here now and the things are going well.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for bringing my husband back from the USA. He used to work as a waiter in a restaurant in one of the twin towers in New York. When I saw this on TV, I prayed the Virgin for divine protection and help, and she heard my prayers.

Delfina Montes from here, Mexico City
September 29, 2001

Alfredo Gutierrez thanks the Lord of Chalma for giving him a strong diarrhea, because of what he was late for his work as a waiter in a restaurant in the Twin Towers in New York. So he was saved from dying.

September 11, 2011