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With this retablo, I thank the Sacred Heart for all the blessings I received during the 2010–2011. I was waiting one year for my residence permit in Norway, during which I had no work permit, no money, no home, no family, no food or anything. But many angels along the way helped me.

07/03/2011, Oslo, Norway
Daniel Garcia

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Virgin of Guadalupe, we thank you for letting us arrive well to the United States after crossing Arizona desert and for being able to find job. We’ve just get married and we ask you to give us your blessing.

Guadalupe and Ricardo, absent children
Mexico City, March 13, 2009

My son Manuel went to New York few years ago looking for a job. After much struggle, he managed to open his own small taco shop. But few weeks ago he got sick with coronavirus. I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus with this exvoto because he’s already recovered and got out from the hospital. I beg for the health of the Mexican fellow countryman who are infected and are suffering so far from their land and their families.


I thank Jesus Malverde for I’ve managed to cross into the United States without being seen by the immigration police. I ask to find a good job to transfer to my family.

Donato Casas Maldonado
Morelia, Michoacan, 1972

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My family and I crossed over into Arizona to meet up with my husband in Phoenix where he lived and worked. We ran out of water in one day and stopped at some ruins near Arivaca to rest. We were very sick from dehydration. Suddenly an old truck appeared out of nowhere. A man with blue eyes got out and gave us some water jugs and plastic bags of food. He told us the best road to take to Tucson and where to find help in our journey. I thank Saint Toribio for helping us survive our journey.

To the Holy Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo thanking for protecting me from the immigration police when they were running after me. I entrusted myself to her and was able to get to Rio Bravo, hide myself and cross it. With her blessing, I came to California and got a job. I saved good money and opened my tacos shop here in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.

Your devoted Isidro O.
June 17, 1990

We felt horror and anxiety of dying suffocating because of lack of air and terrible heat, locked up inside the trailer for more than four hours from Laredo to San Antonio, Texas. We made two holes with a knife to breathe a little bit because there were 70 of us, immigrants going to the United States in search of job. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because I managed to arrived alive to the destination. I pray for those who didn’t—let they rest in peace.

Immigrant, August 2017

I dedicate this to the Virgin of San Juan thanking her for delivering me from dying drowning in Rio Bravo. Thanks to David and Miguel, two Salvadorians, who saved my life. Together we managed to get to the United States and achieve the American dream.

Jalisco, Mexico, May 10, 2011

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Virgin of Guadalupe, we thank you for we met each other 10 years ago in New York and made our love official. But today, after knowing about Donald Trump winning the US presidency, we decided to return to Mexico in fear of being deported and humiliated by his threatening and discriminatory ideas.

Ramon & Rosa, Puebla, 14–11–2017

Daniel and Luis thanks the Lord of Chalma for giving them strength to cross the Arizona desert and fulfill their American dream and make some bucks to support their family back in Mexico.

January 25, 1985

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My fiancée’s brother was so jealous that we had to hide our engagement. In order to spend more time together, she got an idea to dress me up like a woman so I could pass for her friend. I thank Saint Sebastian for her brother had to go to work in another country because he was already falling in love with me. Now my fiancée and I are free.

Cesar Morales — Oaxaca, Mexico

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Immigration police caught me when I was working without documents. They accused me of stealing and threw in a jail in Dallas, Texas, US. Finding myself in this trouble I implored the Protectress of the Mexicans, Our Lady of Guadalupe for my freedom. She worked me the miracle of proving my innocence. Now I give thanks and keep on working as it should be.

Facundo P. T.
July 4, 1960

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We wholeheartedly thank Saint Toribio Romo for helping my little brother and me to cross the border. We wanted to see our mother again, because few years ago she went to work in United States leaving us with our grandmother. Thanks to his divine mercy we survived the tough desert and can reunite with our mother again.

Teodoro y Jacinto Rios — Sonora, Mexico

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