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Panfilo Hurtado was in the field when a very horrible monster appeared to him and wanted to abduct him. But he prayed the Holy Heart and was saved.

Michoacan, 1936

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I was in despair because my dishes always turned out horrible because I didn’t know how to cook. I asked Saint Paschal Baylon for help. Now my husband is very happy with my food, and he even bought me new pans and pots. Now my dishes come out very delicious, and I give thanks for that.

Josefina Lopez
Michoacan, 1942

The other day I went to see my animals in the corral. To my fright I found several goats dead. I remembered the people in the town spoken about the Chupacabra going loose. I fervently asked Saint Benedict to protect my cattle, and thanks to his divine help this horrible scene never happened again.

Carmelo Armenta ~ Paracuaro, Michoacan

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It happened in Morelia, Michoacan. When señora Ramira Lopez got out of the tram, her dress was stuck. When she was being dragged, she implored the Virgin of San Juan, and got out safely, having only her calf hurt. For such a miracle she gives infinite thanks.


A young womanizer Genaro Ramirez lived his life surrounded by women. But when he decided to get married he had a heart attack and fell before the altar. The death caught up with him, his bride will never forget him.

July 13, 1960, Morelia, Michoacan

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Health, wisdom and strength

Saint Jude, my other believes in you very much, that’s why I dedicate you my hair so you would help her to overcome her cancer. Thanks for curing her and leaving her with us. Do not leave her.

Itzayana Tarelo
Zamora, Michoacan, 13/07/2020

Señor Antonio Ontiveros and his wife thank the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe for saving their lives from being abducted by martian flying saucers on June 15, 1964.

The martians left them naked and converted them in jaguars. They thank the martians and the Virgin because they traveled around the world, met a lot of people and made money. The Jaguars of Michoacan.

I thank Jesus Malverde for I’ve managed to cross into the United States without being seen by the immigration police. I ask to find a good job to transfer to my family.

Donato Casas Maldonado
Morelia, Michoacan, 1972

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Holy Virgin, may I, even drunk, not forget you.

2011, Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan

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April 30, 1935, a tragedy happened with the boy Pedrito. He went to feed the pigs, and one of them bit his arm. In danger of losing his arm, the boy implored the Virgin of Carmel. She had mercy on him and granted him healing. I testify about her miracle in gratitude.

Señora Carmen R,
Morelia, Michoacan

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Cristobal Rodriguez was in the field, and some horrible eyes appeared to him. They didn’t stop following him, and he was very much scared. But he implored the Holy Heart, and you delivered me.

Michoacan, 1922

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My boyfriend Jasinto and I were secretly seeing each other by the river for our lovemaking because my daddy didn’t let me have a boyfriend. But the other day, while we were making out, we saw someone passing by. I thank the Holy Lord of Chalma for it was only my grandfather who cannot see very well, so he didn’t notice us. Otherwise, things with my family would have gone very terrible for me.

Lupita R. ~ Morelia, Michoacan

I thank Saint Michael for not letting me assault my wife when I went on a drinking spree.

Juan Espina
Michoaca, Mexico, 1904